Mar 29

Scrambled eggs benedict with roasted artichokes and pancetta

Eggs benedict are great for brunch. The biggest problem, however, is all that egg poaching. What a pain!

And to top it off, you also have to make a Hollondaise sauce, which isn’t super easy.

When I came across this recipe for scrambled eggs benedict, I thought “genius!”

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Mar 28

Chocolate pudding cookies with holiday candy

I had never heard of pudding cookies before coming across this recipe. Add a box of dry pudding mix to cookie dough?

Worth a try.

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Mar 16

Strawberry dessert squares

It’s almost spring!

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Mar 07

Corned beef and cabbage

My mom’s family is Irish. Well, Boston Irish. But that means every year on St. Patrick’s Day growing up, there’d be boiled corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

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Feb 10

Homemade Snickers

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?

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Oct 07

Apple cupcakes with cinnamon marshmallow frosting

Last weekend we visited a local apple orchard and picked some apples right of the trees. Well, we picked about six before it started raining and we headed to the farm market to buy a bag of pre-picked ones.

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Sep 29

Apple, brie and spinach quesadillas

Everyone knows quesadillas are delicious. But sometimes they need to be changed up a bit.

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Sep 28

Caramel apple oatmeal cookies

Whenever I'm at the grocery store, I like to peruse the baking aisle. Even if I'm not really planning on making anything, I like to dream about cookies and cakes and all things delicious.

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Sep 27

Sweet potato raviolis with lemon-sage brown butter

Happy autumn, everyone!

I feel like I got a late start this year, as I spent the last couple of weeks on vacation in places where it's eternal summer. Typically I like to start cooking fall recipes the day after Labor Day.

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Sep 01

Healthier macaroni and cheese

It's back-to-school time for all you parents out there. Well, those of you with school-age children. I'm not quite there yet.

Anyhoo, I'm guessing back-to-school means schedules get crazier and bedtimes get earlier. It's probably tough trying to get a healthy, filling meal on the table for dinner. Something that your kids will actually eat.

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