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Aug 16

Boston cream pie cupcakes

Is "Boston cream pie cupcakes" the most confusing name for a dessert ever, or what? Yeah, it totally makes no sense. But you know what's not confusing? How delicious these cupcakes are!

Aug 04

Junk food cookies

The other day I got a text from a friend who was eating lunch with another friend at The Neon Carrot. She sent me a photo of this crazy-looking cookie with, like, random foodstuffs sticking out from all angles. It was called the Junk Cookie. They asked that I recreate this cookie for this blog, …

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May 30

Blueberry cheesecake French toast casserole

Hey, did you know May 26 was National Blueberry Cheesecake Day? I did, and that’s why I made this tasty blueberry cheesecake French toast casserole! OK, so I’m definitely using the term “cheesecake” loosely here. But you’ll forgive me when you taste it!

Apr 29

Oreo fudge brownies

A few weeks ago, I showed you guys a cookie stuffed inside a cookie. Today, how about a cookie stuffed inside a brownie? There's actually an entire layer of Oreo cookies in the middle of these brownies, an awesome surprise for any Oreo-lover (and who doesn't love Oreos?). That Oreo cookie layer, a smattering of …

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Apr 26

Carrot cheesecake with lemon sour cream topping

I'd never really realized how much my family liked cheesecake until the year I unveiled a pumpkin cheesecake during our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone liked it so much that I've been ordered to make that cheesecake for every Thanksgiving and Christmas since, and despite its now-ubiquitous holiday presence, there's rarely leftovers. So when I stumbled across …

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Apr 12

Easy cinnamon croissants

Someday I'm going to make croissants from scratch, I promise. It's just that the croissant-making process sounds so complicated and time-consuming and, frankly, frightening. It's so much easier to buy them all baked and ready to eat, don't you think? This recipe for cinnamon croissants is sort of a compromise. The hard part — making …

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Apr 05

S’mores-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Have you ever seen a more delicious-looking cookie?! Me neither. And I've seen lots of cookies. My sister found this recipe on a blog she likes to read called Brown Eyed Baker. And she was really excited about it. I could tell she was really excited because she posted a link to this recipe on …

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Apr 04

Mock apple pie with streusel and caramel

This was the best apple pie I've ever made.* And it wasn't even apple pie! Let me explain. You see, several months ago, my co-worker Joetopia was complaining about a recipe in Heloise's column, as he is wont to do. It was a recipe for a mock apple pie, which was made not with apples, …

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Mar 16

Irish cream brownies

You know what we haven't made in a while? Brownies. Only joking! How could I forget last month, when we had brownies up the wazoo. Even so, how could I pass up an opportunity to make Irish cream brownies for St. Patrick's Day?

Mar 09

Mardi Gras king cake with cream cheese filling and lemon icing

A consequence of never having spent much time in the Southern U.S. is that I've missed out on delicious regional treats. Like king cake! Apparently king cake is a really big deal in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. But living here in California, I'd never seen or even heard of king cake until I was …

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