Apr 05

Carrot-shaped cake

Finally, a carrot cake even my sister would love!

Why? No carrots!

This cake reminds me of something Sandra Lee would make on her Semi-Homemade cooking show. Probably because it requires no actual cooking.

The hardest part is cutting the end of the cake to make it look like a carrot, but even that’s not too difficult. Putting on all the candies is a bit tedious, but it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would.

The original recipe called for orange jelly beans, but I thought Reese’s Pieces would taste better. I also found them at the grocery store, and figured I’d have to go to a candy store to get all orange jelly beans. But be creative! Use whatever orange candy you’d like.

Also, the recipe suggested you tint the frosting orange. But I moved recently, and my food colorings seem to have gotten lost on the way. Instead of going back to the store, I just left it white. Looks fine, I think!

The cake makes a fun and colorful centerpiece for your Easter meal. And the kids will love it!

Recipe: Carrot-shaped cake

Adapted from Food Network Magazine

  • 1 16-ounce pound cake, frozen
  • 1 16-ounce tub vanilla frosting
  • 4 cups orange Reese’s Pieces, jelly beans or M&Ms
  • Green Twizzlers or green apple sour straws
  • Optional: red and yellow food coloring
  1. Trim one short end of the pound cake (discard – or eat – this piece), then cut a narrow wedge off each side of the cake (refer to pictures above).
  2. Attach the wedges to each other with frosting, and then attach them to the trimmed end of the cake.
  3. If desired, use red and yellow food coloring to tint frosting orange. Spread frosting over the cake.
  4. Arrange the orange candy on the cake in tight rows.
  5. Trip the Twizzlers to various lengths and gently stick into the top of the cake.

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  1. Diane

    This looks so fun and easy. Think I might attempt it.

  2. Diana

    that is really cute! I think the green twizzlers really make it.

  3. Toby

    Thank you for this idea of how to shape a carrot cake, my great grandson want’s this for his 7Th birthday and I had know idea of how to go about shaping it. It really look cute and I think he will love it.

    Thank you,

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