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Don’t forget the most important meal of the day.

Mar 29

Scrambled eggs benedict with roasted artichokes and pancetta


Eggs benedict are great for brunch. The biggest problem, however, is all that egg poaching. What a pain! And to top it off, you also have to make a Hollondaise sauce, which isn’t super easy. When I came across this recipe for scrambled eggs benedict, I thought “genius!”

Jun 07

Crumbly coffee cake with fruit

My husband is a huge fan of “crumbly coffee cake.” You know, a cake with a streusel topping that’s eaten for breakfast.

May 30

Blueberry cheesecake French toast casserole

Hey, did you know May 26 was National Blueberry Cheesecake Day? I did, and that’s why I made this tasty blueberry cheesecake French toast casserole! OK, so I’m definitely using the term “cheesecake” loosely here. But you’ll forgive me when you taste it!

May 06

Banana Nutella muffins

Hope y’all remembered Mother’s Day is Sunday. And you know what moms like, right? Breakfast in bed! (After you let her sleep in, of course.)

Apr 12

Easy cinnamon croissants

Someday I'm going to make croissants from scratch, I promise. It's just that the croissant-making process sounds so complicated and time-consuming and, frankly, frightening. It's so much easier to buy them all baked and ready to eat, don't you think? This recipe for cinnamon croissants is sort of a compromise. The hard part — making …

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Apr 08

Brown sugar and bourbon-glazed ham

What’s more Easter than a ham? OK, probably eggs. And candy. And even a bunny. But an Easter ham is a tradition!

Apr 07

Easter pizza piena

The great thing about Easter being so late this year is it’s giving me plenty of time to make all sorts of Easter recipes! This one would be perfect for an Easter breakfast or brunch. Or just to snack on while the kids look for their eggs.

Feb 17

Sour cream-banana toffee coffee cake

Remember when I got all excited about coffee cake last year? And I said I had a great idea for a variation on coffee cake that I just couldn't wait to make? Ten months later, here it is: Sour cream-banana toffee coffee cake!

Feb 08

Raspberry-lemon scones

Here's a cute Valentine's Day breakfast idea: Heart-shaped scones! They're tasty, adorable and — not common among homemade breakfast items — portable! Which means if your beloved is late to work and has no time to sit down and enjoy your lovingly prepared breakfast, you can slip one of these scones in their pocket or …

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Jan 12

Caramelized banana pancakes

Caramelized banana pancakes!

About a month ago, I went down to L.A. with a couple of friends for my birthday. We did a little sightseeing, a little shopping, a little hiking and a lot of eating. One of the awesomely delicious places at which we dined was The Griddle Cafe. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either, but …

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