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Dec 27

Brown-butter sugar cookies

Brown-butter sugar cookies!

You know how I really, really like brown butter? I like it so much that I decided to take a perfectly good sugar cookie recipe and ruin it with brown butter. Wait, did I say “ruin it”? That’s not right. What I meant was, MAKE IT EVEN MORE FANTASTIC. Because what’s not better with brown …

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Dec 25

Chocolate fudge, Take 3


It’s a Christmas miracle!

Dec 23

Double-chocolate cookies with York Peppermint Pieces

Double chocolate cookies with Peppermint Pieces!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I just can’t get enough chocolate and peppermint. The other day I was at Vons, perusing the candy section, when I spotted a bag of York Pieces. Now, I’m pretty sure I’d seen them before, but it must have been at a point in my life where …

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Dec 22

Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls


Of the dozens of recipes for chocolate-covered peanut butter balls out there, I picked the one that was just “eh.”

Dec 21

Gingerbread waffles


The other morning, I announced to the household that I was going to make gingerbread waffles for breakfast.

Dec 20

Cranberry champagne cocktail


What’s the holiday without a little bubbly?

Dec 18

Holiday kiss martini


This is quite possibly my new favorite drink.

Dec 17

Christmas cocktail


Doesn’t a fancy Christmas cocktail party sound like so much fun?

Dec 15

Cocoa cups with peppermint creme filling


This recipe was my second attempt at chocolate and peppermint this year. The first attempt was a complete disaster. At first, I thought this recipe was going to go the same way. Luckily, I made a tweak after the first batch, and all was well.

Dec 14

Chocolate-dipped orange cookies

Because I have trouble making decisions, I used both bittersweet and semisweet chocolate chips.

The combination of orange and chocolate seems really Christmas-y to me, for some reason. I think it comes from a brief stint working at Office Max during college. Being in the business of selling office supplies, we didn’t sell tons of treats, but around Christmastime, we had a pretty big display of those chocolate oranges …

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