Category Archive: St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 07

Corned beef and cabbage


My mom’s family is Irish. Well, Boston Irish. But that means every year on St. Patrick’s Day growing up, there’d be boiled corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Mar 16

Irish cream brownies

You know what we haven't made in a while? Brownies. Only joking! How could I forget last month, when we had brownies up the wazoo. Even so, how could I pass up an opportunity to make Irish cream brownies for St. Patrick's Day?

Mar 16

Chocolate stout cake


It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate properly, there has to be Guinness involved. Don’t like the taste of beer?  Then add it to a chocolate cake!

Mar 15

Irish soda bread


I’m not an Irish soda bread expert, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to taste just like a scone. But this one did.

Mar 12

Leek, spinach and potato soup


As I was finishing up this recipe, I got really excited. I realized there were four great reasons to post it on the blog: