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Saucijzenbroodjes, or Dutch Sausage Rolls


Like many Americans, my family likes to honor some of the food customs from our family’s heritage.

My dad was born in Holland, so we feel a special affinity for all things Dutch since we aren’t too far removed.

We actually enjoy both Dutch and Indonesian food, as the latter was a former Dutch colony and my Opa spent time there during World War II, and brought back with him many recipes.

On special occasions, my dad will make a rijsttafel, an elaborate spread featuring Indonesian favorites such as nasi goreng, telur balado and chicken satay.

We also order Dutch favorites online, including chocoladehagel, stroopwafels and Gouda.

One dish we make more often than any other is the saucijzenbroodjes. We have them for breakfast on almost every holiday.

It’s also probably the recipe we’ve Americanized the most. Now it’s ridiculously easy to make, and there’s a good chance you’ve had something very similar, but with a different name.

But they are super duper tasty so I had to make the suggestion that you all try them.

In the future I’ll try to share something a little more difficult. And more Dutch.

cooking doughsausages roll

Recipe: Saucijzenbroodjes, or Dutch Sausage Rolls

  • Can of Pillsbury Crescent rolls (or store brand)
  • Farmer John pork sausage links
  1. Cook the sausage according to the package.
  2. Wrap one sausage link in one crescent roll. Repeat.
  3. Bake crescent rolls as directed on package.


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2 pings

  1. Roos

    They look really tasty but they are not saucijzenbroodjes. Do you know of anyone who would have an english recipe?

  2. Jeff

    We make a similar Dutch sausage in bread called Wurstebrodjie.

  3. Dutch Dustin

    This is very disturbing to see what you have done to the saucijzenbroodjes :x

  4. Alexandra

    This is not one of those recipes that should not be “Americanized”. Doesn’t even look the same.

  5. Alexandra

    This is not a saucijzenbrood and it is insulting to try to present this as such. Call it what it is. A “breakfast link in a blanket”. There are shortcuts and there are lazy imitations. :o(

  6. Jo strauss

    Finally ground pork,seasoned wit salt, white pepper,and a pinch of sage. Add egg yolk a bit of bread crumb a pinch of ground red pepper Shape in sausage form. Cut frozen puff pastry in a square size. Place formed sausage on one side of square. Fold over to resemble a rectangle. Pinch sides to seal. Place in frige. Back according to directions on puff pastry package. Eet smaklik!

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