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Jun 07

Crumbly coffee cake with fruit

My husband is a huge fan of “crumbly coffee cake.” You know, a cake with a streusel topping that’s eaten for breakfast.

Apr 13

Strawberry layer cake

While in the produce section grocery store the other day, I strolled by the strawberry section. Holy moly, were those some gorgeous berries! They were huge and bright red, and they all appeared free of bruises, mushy spots and mold.

Feb 23

Margarita cheesecake bars

Since today is National Margarita Day, I thought I'd celebrate by sharing a recipe that contains no alcohol whatsoever! These margarita cheesecake bars are really only margarita-flavored in that they're made with lemon and lime juice. No tequila or salt here!

Feb 17

Sour cream-banana toffee coffee cake

Remember when I got all excited about coffee cake last year? And I said I had a great idea for a variation on coffee cake that I just couldn't wait to make? Ten months later, here it is: Sour cream-banana toffee coffee cake!

Nov 20

Cinnamon pear upside-down cake

Pear cinnamon cake!

You know, I’ve never been much of a pear eater. I’m not sure why; I like them just fine. I just never think to buy them. A couple times a year, though, some pears arrive on my doorstep, courtesy of my homeboys Harry and David. I usually try really hard to eat them all before …

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Sep 15

Apple cake


In my haste to start baking with pumpkin, I completely overlooked the best part about September: apples!

Aug 04

Funnel cake

These were supposed to be like beignets. Not so much.

Last week I went to the California Mid-State Fair. For the first time ever! It was a whole day of first-time-evers, in fact. I sat in a fire truck for the first time ever. I watched a riveting demonstration of the cleaning product Touch of Purple for the first time ever. And, most importantly, I …

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Jul 26

Summer fruit buttermilk cake

You can see the bits of fruit poking out of the cake.

I tend to bake treats that are toothachingly sweet. Perhaps you’ve noticed. This one, however, isn’t. It’s a nice, simple cake that’s really not too sweet at all — perfect for playing up the fresh flavors of ripe summer fruit.

Jul 23

Zucchini-pecan cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Zucchini-pecan cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting!

Everyone I know keeps trying to give me zucchini. My friends. My co-workers. My mom. I imagine that if I got out more, I might even be offered zucchini by total strangers. Because for some reason, everyone who has a zucchini garden (and that’s about every third person I talk to) suddenly has more zucchini …

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Jul 05

Red white and blueberry four-layer cake

Red white and blueberry pound cake!

“Wow.” That was my brother’s text-messaged response to the phone pic I sent him of this cake, in all its berrylicious glory. It’s a pretty “wow” kind of dessert: Four layers of pound cake doused with raspberry-orange sauce, slathered with cream cheese frosting, and piled high with fresh berries. But it’s not fussy — it’s …

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