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Mar 28

Chocolate pudding cookies with holiday candy


I had never heard of pudding cookies before coming across this recipe. Add a box of dry pudding mix to cookie dough? Worth a try.

Feb 10

Homemade Snickers


Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?

Aug 16

Boston cream pie cupcakes

Is "Boston cream pie cupcakes" the most confusing name for a dessert ever, or what? Yeah, it totally makes no sense. But you know what's not confusing? How delicious these cupcakes are!

May 31

Frozen hot chocolate

It’s summer (almost) and it’s hot, which means it’s time to drink something cold!

Apr 29

Oreo fudge brownies

A few weeks ago, I showed you guys a cookie stuffed inside a cookie. Today, how about a cookie stuffed inside a brownie? There's actually an entire layer of Oreo cookies in the middle of these brownies, an awesome surprise for any Oreo-lover (and who doesn't love Oreos?). That Oreo cookie layer, a smattering of …

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Apr 05

S’mores-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Have you ever seen a more delicious-looking cookie?! Me neither. And I've seen lots of cookies. My sister found this recipe on a blog she likes to read called Brown Eyed Baker. And she was really excited about it. I could tell she was really excited because she posted a link to this recipe on …

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Feb 18

Kahlua brownies with brown butter icing

Hey guys! Are you all prepared for National Kahlua Day on Feb. 27? You’re not? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out! These Kahlua brownies are ah-may-zing. Well, they were as soon as I kept them in the refrigerator overnight. When I tried to cut them the night I made them – before they …

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Feb 14

Marshmallow-filled devil’s food cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting

Hey, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! Perhaps not so coincidentally, today also happens to be Cream-Filled Chocolates Day. I briefly considered making cream-filled chocolate candy for you guys, but then I remembered a horrible truffle-making experience a few years ago that really brought home the notion that candy-making is not my forte. So, instead I give …

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Jan 23

Rocky road popcorn

Did you know Wednesday was National Popcorn Day? It's true! And to celebrate, I made some popcorn. Rocky road popcorn!

Dec 25

Chocolate fudge, Take 3


It’s a Christmas miracle!

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