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May 25

Guacamole salad

My countdown to summer begins December 26 every year. Autumn, I love. The holidays are full of fun. But winter? Yuck.

Aug 09

Grilled corn with hoisin-orange butter


Sweet, fresh corn always reminds me of August. That’s when the first ears of corn seem to be ready to be picked from the garden (not that I have any planted in my own garden…but I can pretend).

Jul 15

Shrimp tacos with citrus cabbage slaw


Although I love seafood – particularly shellfish – we don’t eat it a lot in my home because my hubby avoids nearly all things that come from the sea.

Mar 03

Seafood boil


Today’s tasty recipe comes from Sergio Holguin, The Tribune’s vice president of online and marketing. Here’s a recipe introduced to my wife and I by our friends Porsche and Tyler Rawlings. Because you don’t even need eating utensils, it’s the perfect down-to-earth casual meal to enjoy with close friends or family.