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Mar 29

Scrambled eggs benedict with roasted artichokes and pancetta


Eggs benedict are great for brunch. The biggest problem, however, is all that egg poaching. What a pain! And to top it off, you also have to make a Hollondaise sauce, which isn’t super easy. When I came across this recipe for scrambled eggs benedict, I thought “genius!”

Apr 07

Easter pizza piena

The great thing about Easter being so late this year is it’s giving me plenty of time to make all sorts of Easter recipes! This one would be perfect for an Easter breakfast or brunch. Or just to snack on while the kids look for their eggs.

Jul 08

Outrageous brownies


More than 2 pounds of chocolate. One pound of butter. Six extra-large eggs. These brownies are definitely outrageous.

Jun 25

Zucchini fritters


It’s summer, and if you have a vegetable garden, you know what’s coming: lots and lots of zucchini.

Mar 22

Carrot pudding souffles


Have you ever tried to make something by Martha Stewart? Wowsers. It’s tough. These souffles weren’t really that difficult, but man were they time consuming. I needed a Martha Stewart staff to help out.

Mar 10

Crustless quiche


Now that I get a delivery of fresh vegetables each week, I’m trying to come up with different ways of using them. During my search for recipes using broccoli, I found several that recommended a quiche. Great idea!