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Oct 07

Apple cupcakes with cinnamon marshmallow frosting

Last weekend we visited a local apple orchard and picked some apples right of the trees. Well, we picked about six before it started raining and we headed to the farm market to buy a bag of pre-picked ones.

Apr 05

S’mores-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Have you ever seen a more delicious-looking cookie?! Me neither. And I've seen lots of cookies. My sister found this recipe on a blog she likes to read called Brown Eyed Baker. And she was really excited about it. I could tell she was really excited because she posted a link to this recipe on …

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Feb 14

Marshmallow-filled devil’s food cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting

Hey, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! Perhaps not so coincidentally, today also happens to be Cream-Filled Chocolates Day. I briefly considered making cream-filled chocolate candy for you guys, but then I remembered a horrible truffle-making experience a few years ago that really brought home the notion that candy-making is not my forte. So, instead I give …

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Jan 23

Rocky road popcorn

Did you know Wednesday was National Popcorn Day? It's true! And to celebrate, I made some popcorn. Rocky road popcorn!

Feb 13

Chocolate chip sour cream cake … two ways!

... and after 12 more minutes of beating.

Here’s another great Valentine’s Day recipe for you guys: chocolate chip sour cream cake! And, as a bonus, here are two ways to present your cake: marshmallow-topped cupcakes and black forest heart-shaped mini cakes! The original recipe was just chocolate sour cream cake, but while I was making it I thought the color of the …

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Nov 26

Pumpkin cheesecake with marshmallow sour cream topping and gingersnap crust

Pumpkin cheesecake with marshmallow-sour cream topping!

It’s too late for you to make this for Thanksgiving dessert, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, in case you have any leftover pumpkin and culinary gumption. Because it’s super tasty! It’s made with two of my favorite things: pumpkin and marshmallows. MARSHMALLOWS! If that’s not making you scramble to click “print …

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Nov 14

Pumpkin cupcakes with marshmallow cream cheese frosting

cupcake sprinkle

I have to warn you: I am not much of a cook. Remember my subpar athletic abilities? They put my culinary skills to shame. Which is why Larissa’s over there cooking up entire turkey dinners and all the trimmings (get it?), while I’m making … cupcakes.