Sep 08

Poddin’ with Scroggin

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Trust me, this promises to be much better than Corndoggin’ with Scroggin.

We’re still looking for a name, but The Tribune sports department is unleashing a brand new podcast. It’s a radio-style recording where you’ll hear us discuss Cal Poly athletics, local high school sports and more.

It’s basically our office talk brought directly to your iPod or portable mp3 player (or your web browser if you have 30 minutes to keep it open).

We’re looking for as much feedback as possible. Let us know what you’d like to hear. Interviews? Do you want to hear a specific topic? Should I move my lips farther from the mic? Do you want more Ski-weezy?

We’re planning on doing these on a regular basis. This episode in particular was meant for release last week. Technical hurdles kept us from posting until today, but you’ll still find it very relevant.

On this episode, you will hear:

• Tribune intern Scott Silvey and I talking about the feasibility of utilizing two quarterbacks in Cal Poly’s triple option.

• Then Tribune preps reporters Donovan Aird and I will tell you which high school football team has the best chance to break a near decade-long section title drought while Tribune intern Brian De Los Santos provides the laugh track.

• Plus, Tribune sports editor Ashley Conklin runs off his top 10 football movies OF ALL TIME!

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  1. Joe "JFerna"

    I have it on extremely good authority that BDLOS’s REAL nickname is either B-Love or B<3…
    Other then that great cast guys!

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