Sep 16

Scrogcast number two

We’re back with our second podcast, which former Tribune intern Pete DeYoung has called The Scrogcast. While I’m perfectly happy to go with that, can you think of something better? Let me know. And we’re happy to take suggestions on future topics.

Topics for this week include:

• A roundtable with Tribune interns Scott “Ski-Weezy” Silvey, Brian “B_Delos” De Los Santos and myself talking about Doug Shumway’s breakout game and the Cal Poly football quarterbacking situation going into this week’s game at Texas State.

Tribune preps reporter Donovan Aird’s high school football players of the week as well as his take on the local girls volleyball scene and a dynasty in jeopardy.

• And the last word that ever needs to be uttered out loud about fantasy football.

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  1. Expand Spanos

    Love the podcast, listened to both of them at work.

    Suggestions –
    1. Make sure to keep a uniform distance between your mouth and the mic (or try a different mic.), as the sound is fading in and out on occassion.

    2. Probably want to try and do an hour show during football/soccer season, as it seems like you need more time to go into subjects, and the listener was left wanting more.

    Many Podcast listeners are people working who want a program of between 1-3 hours. There isn’t sufficient time to talk about Cal Poly sports with this format. I think you should make it an hour.

    Great things:

    1. The music sounds very professional, with the fade ins.

    2. First Cal Poly FCS related/ local podcast, good job getting it started! I’m sure it will be very popular as word gets out.

    Looking forward to the next ‘cast!

  2. Joshua D. Scroggin

    Thanks for the feedback, ES!

    I’ve toyed with the idea of going longer myself. There certainly is a LOT to talk about, especially if we keep it on the bi-weekly schedule.

    Keeping it short on the first couple tries was our intent. We’re keeping track of the stats as far as how many people listen all the way through. I’d certainly like to expand in the future.

    So everybody jump in. Keep listening. Give us your tips and ideas, and let me know what you’d like to hear.

    We’re working on our vocal sound quality. Nice to know you appreciated the music. I produced it all myself. Fruity Loops!

  3. Expands Spanos

    Love the music! very original and catchy.. impressive.

    If every two weeks would make the show longer, I say go for it.. but wish it would be weekly (I know it’s probably a hassle though).

    Keep it up dude.

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