Dec 09

Scrogcast: Boom goes the Dyna-Wright

"Bogot, who is an Australian native... "

He passes it to the man…

And we did another podcast.

This latest one wraps up everything that needs to be said about the Cal Poly football team’s 7-4 season and narrow miss on the FCS playoffs, gives outlooks for both the Mustangs men’s and women’s basketball programs and features an in-depth preview from Donovan Aird on Arroyo Grande’s championship showdown with Serra High in the prep football playoffs.

All that, plus we go off on our usual pop-culture tangents and introduce a new voice: Jennifer “Boom goes the Dyna” Wright — a Tribune copy editor who actually attended Ball State with smash internet sensation Brian Collins (pictured above).

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  1. Mark

    That Jenny girl is awesome. I bet being from western Indiana, she knows a thing or two about the St. Louis Cardinals.

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