Mar 02

Scrogcast: Gearing up for the Big West Tournament

Chris Giovannetti, Cal Poly Assistant Sports Media Relations Director

Last week it was Andre Dome. This week I got another visit from one of Cal Poly’s athletic department superstars.

Assistant Sports Media Relations Director Chris Giovannetti joins the Scrogcast this week to talk about Cal Poly men’s basketball, the Big West Conference Tournament and the night our relationship sprouted at a certain Fresno-area hipster pool hall/nightclub in the early 2000s.

Chris breaks down all of the Big West tiebreakers heading into Saturday night’s season finale and gives some interesting perspectives on Long Beach State’s run as the league’s top team, the recipe for a potential Mustangs upset of the 49ers or rival UC Santa Barbara should they meet in the tournament and the future of Cal Poly basketball.

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  1. musty

    “Viral video sensation High Five with Coach Callero”


  2. Nick James

    Getting ready for the typical Cal Poly crash. Wonder how they will find a way to lose this year.

  3. MustyMustang

    Well, didn’t have to wait too long. Cal Poly gave a great losing performance. Bravo, give them both an Oscar for not showing up in the biggest games ever. Same old, same old, Cal Poly can now go downtown and go drinking for the weekend.

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