Mar 17

Scrogcast: NCAA bracket gambling, Asa Jackson and the Donahue play

The NCAA Tournament is back, and so is Donovan Aird.

I had the former Tribune prep sports reporter rejoin me for the latest Scrogcast before he moves on with the next project in his life, and we talked about everything from NCAA Tournament bracket contests to Asa Jackson’s prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft.

We also spent a large portion of the show discussing the intentional foul play at the end of Cal Poly’s Big West Conference semifinal loss against UC Santa Barbara. Since Donovan — along with several other people I know — have disagreed with the opinion I gave on this blog, I thought it was important for that side to also be represented.

Donovan’s take, paraphrased of course, is that Gauchos wing James Nunnally got the ball rolling by going up for that massive dunk attempt in the last couple seconds. Nunnally started it. He’s to blame for the sequence of events.

So roll with us as we finally put that whole topic to bed, and make sure to cherish what could be Donovan’s last Scrogcast. His sporting insight, level-headed discussion and wonderfully professional-sounding speaking voice have gone a long way to help make the show what it is.

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    Meanwhile, Cal Poly’s football team is in the market for a defensive coordinator. Why is this paper harping on a good no-call by an official when huge new like this breaks?


  2. Joshua D. Scroggin


    Here is our version of the above story.


    You’ll see ours printed this morning.

    It might not have been first, but it has much more depth and quotes from both Lupfer and Walsh.

    Next time, I’ll try to be first and best. ;)

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