Sep 06

VIDEO: How to pronounce Kristaan, with Mr. Ivory

For those of you at Saturday’s 41-14 season-opening victory over San Diego, you heard the Cal Poly football team’s back-up running back referred to as “Christian” Ivory over the public address system.

In the press box, we heard him referred to as “Chris-Stan” by Mustangs football SID Eric Burdick.

Well, I tracked Kristaan Ivory down at practice this week to get the official word. How do you pronounce you first name?

Ivory answers that question, and we keep the Animal Planet theme going when I ask him what animal he would most want to be. I wonder if Kristaan the Lion will be as popular as Christian the Lion.

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  1. Russell Coover

    Let’s hope by the end of the season, the name Kristaan is pronounced correctly by FCS football fans nationwide. It would be great to hear his name mentioned by Alleghany State and Montana fans (they think they ARE FCS football) at first as “Christian” and finally as “Kris-stan” by the end of the season.

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