Oct 27

Sacramento State food: The Squeeze Inn

Photo by Joshua D. Scroggin ©

As we get to know a little bit more about the Big Sky Conference this year, I’m taking the opportunity when I can to also get familiar with the eats in each new town on the travel schedule. With some time to kill before today’s Cal Poly football game at Sacramento State, I headed over to a local burger joint for the first of hopefully many food reviews.

The chosen spot today was Sacramento’s Squeeze Inn, an area chain famous for the melty, crispy cheddary skirt around its cheeseburgers. I first saw the restaurant featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” On my last vacation driving through Northern California, I tried to make it to a Squeeze Inn, but they were closed for the day. I knew this trip would be the perfect opportunity to see what I had missed.

Before the football game, I went over the nearby location on Power Inn Road, which seems to be one of the newest locations. It was only a couple minutes away from Hornet Stadium.

I got a Squeeze Burger with cheese (pictured above) and everything on it and a side of french fries. It was a little more than $11, and I drank water instead of splurging on a drink.

On a side note, I’ve given up drinking soda and most other sugary drinks, and I’ve had water at every restaurant I go to for close to two years, but I can’t help but thinking the tip-dependent servers always give me the cheapskate look when I say “just water for now.” Prospective servers, water is a lifestyle choice for me. Sorry in advance for 50 cents in tips you’re missing out on when you get my table.

That said, the Squeeze Burger was a little pricey compared to In & Out or The Habit. But for a treat, oh, say, once every two years on a road trip to Hornet Stadium, I can stomach the charges.

And the burger, which is far bigger than the counterparts from the places mentioned above, really was amazing.

Starting the bun, it was very high quality, moist and large enough to hold all the stuffing, which included deli sliced pickles, red onion, mayo, mustard, tomatos and a hearty beef patty.

As for the cheese skirt, it was the first time I’d had anything like it before. After breaking off a piece and eating it like a giant potato chip, I tucked the remainder back into the burger and enjoyed it that way.

The melted skirt on its own was a tasty mix of crispy, chewy and salty cheddar – good enough to eat on its own but a little too rich for me to eat the whole thing straight.

As for the fries, they were just OK. I got the small serving, which is really too much for one person to eat. I barely touched half of them and it was my first meal of the day outside of a couple granola bars and a Gatorade I had on the drive up from San Luis Obispo. The real star was the burger.

If you’re driving through or stopping in Sacramento, I’d recommend trying a Squeeze with Cheese at least once. Just make sure you have some time. I stopped in around 3 p.m. on Saturday, and the restaurant was pretty crowded for that in-between meal time. It’s probably like the DMV at peak eating hours.

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