Oct 12

Scrogcast: Talking movies with Eversley and football with Wilson

College basketball practice opens today, and to get in the spirit, I sat down with Cal Poly junior forward Chris Eversley.

CE33 and I talked about his history in the Chicago prep hoops scene. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Walter Payton High. Eversley also talks about his love of blockbuster movies. It quite possibly could be the best athlete interview segment the Scrogcast has ever seen.

But don’t worry, Cal Poly is 5-0 in football, and we haven’t forgotten. There are a couple of lengthy segments on college and prep football, where Tribune preps reporter Nick Wilson joins the show to help break down all of the gridiron action in San Luis Obispo county.

As always, take a listen and if you love or hate what you hear, let us know. Post any suggestions in the comment box below, and if you want to hear from any specific athletes, send out a request.

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