Oct 03

VIDEO: This St. Nicolas doesn’t give gifts, he takes

I’ve been wanting to secure Cal Poly football cornerback Nico Molino for an edition of “What animal would you be” for a couple of weeks, ever since he had the game-clinching interception in a 24-22 victory at Wyoming.

Unfortunately for me, the senior from Granite Bay has class immediately after practice in the mornings, and we’ve just missed each other. Fortunately for you, Molino has continued to play well, getting another game-ending pick in a win over UC Davis and grabbing two more interceptions in last week’s victory at North Dakota.

I finally caught Molino on Tuesday and got the detailed story of how he landed at Cal Poly after initially going to Northern Arizona. Now leading the FCS in interceptions, he also gave his thoughts on being misidentified by the North Dakota broadcast announcers and, of course, declared his spirit animal in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

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