Feb 23

Update on Kevin Hess’ condition

For those of you looking for news on former Cal Poly defensive tackle Kevin Hess, who has been in the hospital with head injuries suffered in a skateboarding accident, there has been some encouraging developments.

Hess’s sister Lindsey posted the following on Kevin’s Facebook page:

Update on Kev: He has been awake for short spurts over the last few days. He is able to speak, which is a good sign but he is still very groggy and confused. It is too soon to tell how much of his behavior is from the medication and how much is from the injury. Overall, we feel things are moving in a positive direction and the doctors seemed pleased with his progress. Will keep everyone posted, as we know moreā€¦.keep sending the love and positive thoughts, it seems to be working!

Kevin Hess

The 6-foot-4, 280-pound defensive tackle last played for Cal Poly in 2011. He is still living in San Luis Obispo and was working on campus. I’ll continue to pass along any updates as they come in.

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