Feb 13

Scrogcast: Eversley injury update and the BigWestMD

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Gearing up for the Blue-Green Rivalry between the Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara men’s basketball teams this weekend, the Scrogcast features about 25 minutes with new media specialist Steve Chen from the Big West Conference office.

Also, I’ve also tacked on my one-on-one interview with Mustangs leading scorer and rebounder Chris Eversley to the end of the show. That interview took place Wednesday night after Eversley’s first practice following a leg injury in the previous game against UC Davis.

It seems like Eversley is questionable for Saturday’s big game, but you can also be the judge. In the promo video above, it looks like Musty the Mustang is breaking out some fancy footwork.

And Musty, in this case, is actually Eversley, sources say. I won’t out any of the other costumed characters (hint: they’re all players), but do check out Cal Poly basketball’s “Harlem Shake” then let me know what you think of this week’s Scrogcast!

Feb 08

Scrogcast: Cal Poly’s signing day news conference

Cal Poly football coach Tim Walsh on Wednesday announced the signings of 11 high school recruits and one junior college standout.  Joshua D. Scroggin — jscroggin@thetribunenews.com  Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2013/02/06/2384584/cal-poly-football-team-goes-for.html#storylink=cpy
The folks over at The Poly Report (is that the official name?) requested an audio recording of the assistant coaches’ comments on signees from the Cal Poly football team’s Letter of Intent news conference on Wednesday.

Here it is. With a short introduction, it lasts fewer than 20 minutes. Hope you enjoy, and if you would like to hear more audio clips, please let me know. I record every interview I do and would gladly make much of that available if there was enough demand for the content.

Let me know by contacting me on Twitter. And be sure to check out my new social page at rebelmouse.com/JDScroggin. You can find a lot of Cal Poly content there, and I’m looking to feature other people’s social media there as well.

Jan 11

Scrogcast: Cal Poly basketball, All-County football

Cal Poly point guard Jamal Johnson drives the lane against UC Irvine. Tribune photo by Laura Dickinson.

Since it’s been a while since we taped a show, this one is extra long and stuffed with great content from all over the sports landscape.

Tribune preps reporter Nick Wilson joined me to provide a preview of the All-County high school football team and the Player of the Year story coming out this weekend. Nick let a spoiler slip, and one player had his spot announced a little early.

I also had Owen Main from Fansmanship.com back to talk about Cal Poly men’s basketball. We update the status of the Mustangs’ season after a heart-breaking loss at UC Davis spoiled a perfect 3-0 start to Big West Conference play.

Nick also gives the scoop on his recent interview with four-time NBA champion and Arroyo Grande resident Horace Grant, and Owen and I go on a minor tangent about the wonders of a couple of rival defunct minor league hockey franchises.

And check out our new home for online multimedia coverage of college athletics in San Luis Obispo County. This blog will be mainly used to host podcasts in the future, but bookmark the rebelmouse.com site to stay up to date with all of our social media and coverage of Cal Poly and Cuesta College sports. And thanks for listening.

Oct 27

Sacramento State food: The Squeeze Inn

Photo by Joshua D. Scroggin ©

As we get to know a little bit more about the Big Sky Conference this year, I’m taking the opportunity when I can to also get familiar with the eats in each new town on the travel schedule. With some time to kill before today’s Cal Poly football game at Sacramento State, I headed over to a local burger joint for the first of hopefully many food reviews.

The chosen spot today was Sacramento’s Squeeze Inn, an area chain famous for the melty, crispy cheddary skirt around its cheeseburgers. I first saw the restaurant featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” On my last vacation driving through Northern California, I tried to make it to a Squeeze Inn, but they were closed for the day. I knew this trip would be the perfect opportunity to see what I had missed.

Before the football game, I went over the nearby location on Power Inn Road, which seems to be one of the newest locations. It was only a couple minutes away from Hornet Stadium.

I got a Squeeze Burger with cheese (pictured above) and everything on it and a side of french fries. It was a little more than $11, and I drank water instead of splurging on a drink.

On a side note, I’ve given up drinking soda and most other sugary drinks, and I’ve had water at every restaurant I go to for close to two years, but I can’t help but thinking the tip-dependent servers always give me the cheapskate look when I say “just water for now.” Prospective servers, water is a lifestyle choice for me. Sorry in advance for 50 cents in tips you’re missing out on when you get my table.

That said, the Squeeze Burger was a little pricey compared to In & Out or The Habit. But for a treat, oh, say, once every two years on a road trip to Hornet Stadium, I can stomach the charges.

And the burger, which is far bigger than the counterparts from the places mentioned above, really was amazing.

Starting the bun, it was very high quality, moist and large enough to hold all the stuffing, which included deli sliced pickles, red onion, mayo, mustard, tomatos and a hearty beef patty.

As for the cheese skirt, it was the first time I’d had anything like it before. After breaking off a piece and eating it like a giant potato chip, I tucked the remainder back into the burger and enjoyed it that way.

The melted skirt on its own was a tasty mix of crispy, chewy and salty cheddar – good enough to eat on its own but a little too rich for me to eat the whole thing straight.

As for the fries, they were just OK. I got the small serving, which is really too much for one person to eat. I barely touched half of them and it was my first meal of the day outside of a couple granola bars and a Gatorade I had on the drive up from San Luis Obispo. The real star was the burger.

If you’re driving through or stopping in Sacramento, I’d recommend trying a Squeeze with Cheese at least once. Just make sure you have some time. I stopped in around 3 p.m. on Saturday, and the restaurant was pretty crowded for that in-between meal time. It’s probably like the DMV at peak eating hours.

Oct 12

Scrogcast: Talking movies with Eversley and football with Wilson

College basketball practice opens today, and to get in the spirit, I sat down with Cal Poly junior forward Chris Eversley.

CE33 and I talked about his history in the Chicago prep hoops scene. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Walter Payton High. Eversley also talks about his love of blockbuster movies. It quite possibly could be the best athlete interview segment the Scrogcast has ever seen.

But don’t worry, Cal Poly is 5-0 in football, and we haven’t forgotten. There are a couple of lengthy segments on college and prep football, where Tribune preps reporter Nick Wilson joins the show to help break down all of the gridiron action in San Luis Obispo county.

As always, take a listen and if you love or hate what you hear, let us know. Post any suggestions in the comment box below, and if you want to hear from any specific athletes, send out a request.

Oct 03

VIDEO: This St. Nicolas doesn’t give gifts, he takes

I’ve been wanting to secure Cal Poly football cornerback Nico Molino for an edition of “What animal would you be” for a couple of weeks, ever since he had the game-clinching interception in a 24-22 victory at Wyoming.

Unfortunately for me, the senior from Granite Bay has class immediately after practice in the mornings, and we’ve just missed each other. Fortunately for you, Molino has continued to play well, getting another game-ending pick in a win over UC Davis and grabbing two more interceptions in last week’s victory at North Dakota.

I finally caught Molino on Tuesday and got the detailed story of how he landed at Cal Poly after initially going to Northern Arizona. Now leading the FCS in interceptions, he also gave his thoughts on being misidentified by the North Dakota broadcast announcers and, of course, declared his spirit animal in the video below.

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Sep 20

Scrogcast: Football on the brain

On this edition of the Scrogcast, I’m joined by Owen Main of Fansmanship.com and Tribune reporter Nick Wilson to talk about everything football.

Owen and I discuss the Cal Poly football team’s recent upset at Wyoming and the upcoming rivalry game against UC Davis. Nick gives me the scoop on the local high school football scene after four weeks of games.

Oh, and special thanks go to Mustangs senior cornerback Nico Molino, who called me out for my awful score prediction. You can hear that audio exchange during the first break.

Tune in to a special hour-long episode to get your football fix this week. And as always, questions, comments and critiques are welcome! If you have any suggestions for future episodes, please let us know.

Sep 13

VIDEO: Kennith Jackson on ‘What animal would you be?’

Cal Poly middle linebacker Kennith Jackson took his turn Wednesday addressing the Animal Planet question. I’m continuing to be impressed that each guy on the Mustangs football team sees himself as a unique animal. I’ve been wondering how long it will take before someone gives me a repeat species. I might be in for a long wait.

Also, another Cal Poly bio myth is busted. Apparently, Jackson’s role on the Mickey Mouse Club was so small, it didn’t exist.

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Sep 12

A Laramie perspective on Cal Poly-Wyoming

Wyoming's Robert Herron (6) works his way free from Texas defenderson Sept. 1 in Austin, Texas. Associated Press Photo.

I took part in a question swap this week with Wyoming football beat reporter Robert Gagliardi of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

We asked each other five questions about the game, and I think we each came away with some better insight into Saturday’s showdown between the Mustangs (1-0) and Cowboys (0-2).

Read his answers to my questions below, and if you want to see what I had to say about Cal Poly, check out Robert’s blog HERE on Friday.

Joshua D. Scroggin: 1. So, is the altitude all it’s cracked up to be? People throw around the idea of playing that high up for the first time as a guaranteed disadvantage. We’re out here on the beach, basically at sea level. Is Cal Poly doomed to huff and puff?

Robert Gagliardi: To say the altitude isn’t a factor would be naive, but also it can play more mind games than anything. It’s not much different than preparing to play in heat and humidity. Players need to stay hydrated and take care of their bodies the same way. But if teams worry too much about the altitude and not on the game plan, then it can be a factor. Toledo didn’t seem to be affected by the altitude last week. Everyone reacts to it differently, but teams that don’t put too much emphasis on it normally do fine with the altitude.

JDS: 2. In the case of Brett Smith, what does “doubtful” really mean? How surprised would you be to see him start?

RG: Doubtful means he won’t play, at least that’s how I’m taking it. I would be floored if he starts or plays. He wasn’t even at practice early in the week.

JDS: 3. If Smith can’t go, how good is (backup QB) Colby Kirkegaard? How would his ideal game compare to the numbers Smith put up the first two weeks?

RG: We will find out Saturday. One positive about Kirkegaard is he took all the snaps during the spring, including in scrimmages, when Smith was out recovering from offseason surgery to his thumb. Those reps were huge for him. He came in out of junior college last year and was the backup. He played mostly in mop-up roles and didn’t show that much. Kirkegaard is a smart kid who has a good grasp of the offense. But now he must do it in a game. He played late in the Toledo game after Smith got hurt, but didn’t do a whole lot. He’s not the runner like Smith is, but I think he’s capable of moving the team. If he’s the starter, and I believe he will be, Wyoming likely will try to lean on other players to pick up the slack and not put the entire burden of the offense on Kirkegaard.

JDS: 4. Though 9-0 since 2000, Wyoming has had some close games against FCS teams. Which one should have gone the other way?

RG: A lot of them. Last year Wyoming needed a touchdown pass from Smith in the final seconds to beat Weber State. It had all it could handle the year before with Southern Utah, and in 2008 it needed a field goal late to beat North Dakota State. Even back in the early 2000s in wins over Furman and The Citadel, Wyoming could have easily lost those games.

JDS: 5. If you could give Cal Poly’s hopes of an upset a percentage chance, what would it be and why?

RG: I would give them a 50-50 shot based on no Smith and the struggles Wyoming’s defense had last week. Toledo had a dual-threat quarterback last week that tore the defense apart (300 yards passing, four touchdowns and 74 yards rushing). With a dual-threat quarterback like Andre Broadous and a unique offense like the triple-option, Cal Poly has a chance if Wyoming’s defense doesn’t improve. Wyoming could have a slight advantage against the triple-option as it sees that once a year against Air Force and has defended it pretty well over the last few years. However, there are three new defensive coaches on the staff, including the defensive coordinator, so it’s not a given Wyoming will be on top of its game when it comes to that. With Smith out, other players need to step up offensively. Whoever plays quarterback is the main guy, but I know Wyoming would like to run the ball more and more effectively. But Smith was the leading rusher and two of the top three running backs are true freshmen. Based on all that, Cal Poly looks to be in good position for the upset.

Sep 06

VIDEO: How to pronounce Kristaan, with Mr. Ivory

For those of you at Saturday’s 41-14 season-opening victory over San Diego, you heard the Cal Poly football team’s back-up running back referred to as “Christian” Ivory over the public address system.

In the press box, we heard him referred to as “Chris-Stan” by Mustangs football SID Eric Burdick.

Well, I tracked Kristaan Ivory down at practice this week to get the official word. How do you pronounce you first name?

Ivory answers that question, and we keep the Animal Planet theme going when I ask him what animal he would most want to be. I wonder if Kristaan the Lion will be as popular as Christian the Lion.

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