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May 04

Cal Poly spring game: Kevin Britt is back


It’s been nearly a year since Kevin Britt has been a factor at Cal Poly football practice. But in case anybody forgot the junior cornerback’s name, he got it called in Saturday’s spring game. The former Nipomo High standout came up with an interception of quarterback Dano Graves that had to have some saying, ‘Oh, …

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Aug 08

VIDEO: Cal Poly’s Deonte Williams on grills, the Big Sky and Animal Planet

Meet the new Deonte Williams. Well, same guy, new grill. Williams has the gold teeth rockin’ again, something he shelved in his season as a backup lat year. Take the grill being back as a sign that he’s ready to regain his top form. A lot of people are counting on big things from the …

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Jan 17

No joke, North Dakota should go with Suhaki

The Fighting Suhaki

I know this movement started as a humorous nonviolent protest, but seriously, I think North Dakota has something here. Suhak. It’s a central Asian hoofed mammal (similar to an antelope) whose Wikipedia entry you have to translate from Polish. And the plural form is Suhaki (pronounced “Sioux Hockey”). Let me catch you up. The Cal …

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