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Oct 27

Sacramento State food: The Squeeze Inn

Photo by Joshua D. Scroggin ©

As we get to know a little bit more about the Big Sky Conference this year, I’m taking the opportunity when I can to also get familiar with the eats in each new town on the travel schedule. With some time to kill before today’s Cal Poly football game at Sacramento State, I headed over …

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Oct 03

VIDEO: This St. Nicolas doesn’t give gifts, he takes

I’ve been wanting to secure Cal Poly football cornerback Nico Molino for an edition of “What animal would you be” for a couple of weeks, ever since he had the game-clinching interception in a 24-22 victory at Wyoming. Unfortunately for me, the senior from Granite Bay has class immediately after practice in the mornings, and …

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Aug 08

VIDEO: Cal Poly’s Deonte Williams on grills, the Big Sky and Animal Planet

Meet the new Deonte Williams. Well, same guy, new grill. Williams has the gold teeth rockin’ again, something he shelved in his season as a backup lat year. Take the grill being back as a sign that he’s ready to regain his top form. A lot of people are counting on big things from the …

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Nov 03

Return of the Scrogcast

We missed a week last week on the Scrogcast, but Donovan “DAIRD to Keep Kids off Drugs” Aird and I have talked about doing a very special podcast to breakdown the Cal Poly-UC Davis matchup next week to make up for it. We could end up doing shows in three consecutive weeks. But for now, …

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Sep 08

Bloggin’ mailbag: Big Sky’s Jacobpalooza

Tribune file photo

This Big Sky Conference business answered a lot of questions for the Cal Poly football program, but it raised a few more intriguing ones as well. I got some great requests from username: Jacob Jackson, and Jake, I am going to answer as best I can right now. What will an 11-team Big Sky Conference …

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Sep 05

Poly’s big mystery announcement

It’s been confirmed. Cal Poly will be making a major announcement on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s the info: It’ll be going down at 2:30 p.m. in the president’s suite at Alex G. Spanos Stadium. It could be anything, so let’s get the crazy ideas out on the table. * I wrote most of this blog and …

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