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Mar 08

Is it You-you or Oo-oo? Video interview with Drake U’u and Chris O’Brien

When Drake U’u makes a play during a men’s basketball game in Mott Gym, public address announcer Mike Moreno lets you know it by emphatically booming out the Cal Poly senior guard’s last name: “You-youu!” But all this time, have we been mispronouncing U’u’s name (which is Samoan in origin)? According to the Hawaii broadcasters …

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Dec 16

U almost forget about Drake

Tribune file photo by Jayson Mellom

Drake U’u probably gets more attention for his name than he does for his game on the basketball court. That’s not to say that the Cal Poly sophomore guard can’t play. (Well, he can’t. Not for a few weeks anyway, while his broken hand heals. But he does have skills.) People are just fascinated by …

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