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Oct 27

Sacramento State food: The Squeeze Inn

Photo by Joshua D. Scroggin ©

As we get to know a little bit more about the Big Sky Conference this year, I’m taking the opportunity when I can to also get familiar with the eats in each new town on the travel schedule. With some time to kill before today’s Cal Poly football game at Sacramento State, I headed over …

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Sep 08

Bloggin’ mailbag: Big Sky’s Jacobpalooza

Tribune file photo

This Big Sky Conference business answered a lot of questions for the Cal Poly football program, but it raised a few more intriguing ones as well. I got some great requests from username: Jacob Jackson, and Jake, I am going to answer as best I can right now. What will an 11-team Big Sky Conference …

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Sep 05

Poly’s big mystery announcement

It’s been confirmed. Cal Poly will be making a major announcement on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s the info: It’ll be going down at 2:30 p.m. in the president’s suite at Alex G. Spanos Stadium. It could be anything, so let’s get the crazy ideas out on the table. * I wrote most of this blog and …

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