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Welcome to Joetopia, the world according to me, where the sky is mostly always blue, scientists have engineered a barkless dog and people only, ever make smart, logical decisions.

In other words, this is a total fantasy land. Except for the sky.

Joetopia is where the real world gets a talking-to, a place for commentary about current events, life in SLO County and all the curious goings-on that make us grin and howl.

Who is this guy?
Fair question.
My name is Joe Tarica, and I am the presentation editor at The Tribune, working with all the good people who make sure the words and pictures get onto the page correctly. We do this with at least 99 percent accuracy every day. You could only hope to do your job that well.

Before this, I was a copy editor and got really good at writing in journalistic spasms, repeatedly, no more than five or 10 words at a time. This is what headline writers do. I even won an award for that once, and I’ll show it to you if you want.

I graduated from Cal Poly and have lived in the county since 1988, which is long enough to have an opinion on most local issues but not long enough to remember the beginning of the Los Osos sewer saga.

What’s your point?
Despite the inordinately optimistic name for this blog, let me tell you right off, I’m not here to make you feel good.

People who feel good don’t tend to react, and I’m looking for reactive ingredients, spicy tidbits for an idea mix that’s at its best when it’s bubbling and uncomfortable.

While I will nearly always firmly believe most everything I say, I will also urge you to take it with a heaping tablespoon of salt. Unless it makes you mad, in which case you can steam and blow to your heart’s content.

There are no ground rules, except for those normally enacted by corporate media entities, which is to say, there are a gazillion. But you’d need a lawyer to understand them, so just put those worries out of your mind for now.

If you like something, say so. If you don’t, say so louder.

OK, now quit reading this, go back to the blog and post a comment already!


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  1. MAC

    “A Real American Hero – Go Joe”

  2. Pat

    Jeeez. You sound like a wanna-be journalist.

  3. Sandy Mitchell

    Shutter Down, Gov.!!!!

  4. Jeannie

    If it is up for consideration that a ‘bear season’ is necessary because there are to many bears, maybe we should have a ‘dune runner season’ so get rid of some the dune abusers. 4 Wheelers would be a more difficult target and much more fun !

  5. Josh

    With all of this talk about there needing to be a bear season, one thing still remains unclear to me……where are our cuddly, and ‘playful’, friends? By playful I am referring to their ability to maul at their leisure if they feel threatened.

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