Dec 03

De Vaul’s always one step ahead of The Man

The unflappable one-man-band that is Dan De Vaul continues to make the county look foolish, strolling into court like a country bumpkin, then playing them like a fiddle.

Tiger Woods could take a few lessons from this guy on manipulating public opinion.

After all the tough talk and saber-rattling by county and court officials, it is De Vaul who more often than not has the last laugh while one round of sparring begets another.

Dan De Vaul in court in November

Dan De Vaul smiles in court before being taken into custody — handcuffs and all — last week. Tribune photo by Joe Johnston

His coup de grace came last week.

Even after the county dragged him into court, won two convictions and tried to twist his arm into compliance, De Vaul once again outmaneuvered his foes with his most savvy triumph to date, essentially forcing the judge to execute the mother of all photo ops by not only taking him into custody but doing so in handcuffs.

This must be what De Vaul was hoping for all along.

Then, after spending one night in jail, the tricky old codger put the other 89 days of his sentence on hold, made bail courtesy of one of the jurors who heard his case, lodged an appeal and was back out at Sunny Acres faster than you can say “Christine Mulholland must be pissed!”

Now, unfortunately for the county, the De Vaul genie is out of the small-town bottle, and any hope of plugging him up pretty much went “poof!” as soon as that photo was taken.

He’s currently working the national media circuits and has been in discussions with both “Good Morning America” and “Larry King Live,” who know a David-and-Goliath story when they see one, apparently.

You can already imagine the footage: a grizzled, ruddy De Vaul — all suspenders and striped cowboy shirts — making his pitch to the camera. Disconsolate, homeless rehabbers sharing their stories of new-found hope. Buttoned-up county suits trying to lay down the law without sounding like heartless jerks, and here in the middle of the holidays, too.

No commitments have been made, so we’ll have to wait and see whether De Vaul can parlay this provincial battle into national airtime.

Either way, he continues to dodge the county’s demands.

His property still hasn’t been fully cleaned up, and his homeless charges are still there.

Will we ever see a resolution to this case?

Stay tuned for the latest episode of “As Dan De Vaul Turns the World.”

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  1. Jim

    I wonder if Good Morning America or Larry King will get Christine Mulholland on the air for an interview too? They should, since she’s the squeaky wheel that started this whole debacle….

    Typical LA type; she moved here, tried to close the door behind her and then tried to tell those of us who have lived here our entire lives how to do things.

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