Mar 07

Did you know the Cabo San Luis fire was a government conspiracy?

I don’t know whether to write about this next subject or simply shake my head in disbelief.

Check out this post at craiglist.

I hesitate because this could just be someone’s inane idea of a joke. But let’s assume it’s not, because it’s more fun that way.

If it is a joke, it’s just dumb. But if it’s someone’s true belief, then it’s another example of the wanton ridiculousness that pervades some of our fellow citizens.

So this guy thinks the fire at Cabo San Luis was a government plot.

Here’s the claim again:

“Was this really an exploding carbon dioxide tank as the SHILLS AT THE SAN LUIS TRIBUNE would like us to believe? Or is it more likely that the GOVERNMENT planted EXPLOSIVES in the building to destroy it? The firefighters at the scene reported hearing explosions, PROVE TO ME THAT THOSE EXPLOSIONS WEREN’T CAUSED BE BOMBS PUT IN PLACE BY THE GOVERNMENT.”

Here’s a thought: How about you prove to us they were instead?

POINT ONE: What kind of mindset does it take to leap over logic, sensibility and reason to the most far-fetched conclusion possible?

How delusional do you have to be to think a fire at a taco joint is grounds for conspiracy theory just because the word “explosion” appeared in the report?

Explosions do occur as a result of other means besides government-planted booby traps. This is hard to believe, I know.

POINT TWO: In this country, we don’t prove innocence. We assume innocence until circumstances indicate evidence to the contrary.

Levying charges of conspiracy has become something of a national hobby these days, but it’s the highest level of irresponsible to toss around stupid accusations with no justification whatsover.

There was a time you had to be named Woodward or Bernstein with a bona fide “Deep Throat” as your informant in order to cry “conspiracy!” Now, it’s practically a birthright.

POINT THREE: Come on, this is a joke, right? Right?!?

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  1. Anon E. Muss

    I’m pretty sure the explosion happened after the fire was already well under way. Carbon dioxide tanks, like those used for soda fountains, tend to explode in hot fires, and restaurants tend to have soda fountains.

  2. Jen R.

    Ha. Andrew says that post is basically word for word Sept. 11 conspiracy stuff from the movie “Loose Change.”

  3. TheInsider

    @Jen R.: LOL!

    I’ll put my money on that Craigslist post being from one of the homeless guys who started the fire with a little campfire on the side of Cabo. Using the Library’s free internet access will throw the authorities off the track! Unless they posted it from their iPhone?

    That, or it was insurance fraud.

    p.s. It always seems a little suspect to me when I see a “homeless guy” pan-handler with a better cell phone & shoes than mine!

  4. Ricky Valenzuela

    I was at this fire and I truly believe it is a government conspiracy. Not only the explosions, but the way it collapsed. And the water used to put out the fire increased the intensity of the fire almost like the water contained a flammable additive. I think the government put something in the water mains to make the fire bigger. Also the firefighters walked through the flames. They were almost god like. There was this one engineer that I think did all the work, he was incredible. I believe if it was not for him the whole city would have burned to the ground.

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