Dec 21

FORE! Golfing Santa tees off at Dairy Creek

Golfing Santa puts on a show at the Dairy Creek Golf Course driving range. Tribune photo by Joe Johnston (SanLuisObispo.com)Golfing Santa puts on a show at the Dairy Creek Golf Course driving range.Tribune photos by Joe Johnston (SanLuisObispo.com)

Christmas week is officially here, and it’s time for Santa to start taking it easy.

No more rock climbing, skateboarding or mountain biking for St. Nick. I need to keep myself out of harm’s way and make sure I’m healthy enough to deliver all of those presents on Wednesday night. So anything that requires a helmet is out.

Golfing, surfing and fly fishing are still on my list, but bull riding, skydiving and riding ATVs at the dunes will have to wait until next year.

My knee was still a bit sore after tumbling down Cerro Cabrillo yesterday, so I relied heavily on the golf cart out at Dairy Creek Golf Course today.

But I did get out and play a few holes, and let me tell ya, this was my finest performance so far on the Central Coast.

Former Cal Poly baseball coach Jerry Weinstein gave me a hard time about my swing at the driving range, but he doesn’t know what it’s like to golf with the gut I have (but you can bet Weinstein will learn what it’s like to get coal in his stocking this year).

It ain’t easy getting those hips around when you sip eggnog and eat sugarplums 365 days a year. Despite my rustiness, and ginormous belly, I was crushing the ball off the tee like Tiger and sinking putts like Loren “Boss of the Moss” Roberts. Finally, Santa puts together a round the little ones can be proud of.

The knee’s still a little sore at this point, but it looks like I’m going to give surfing a go tomorrow. Should be our funniest outdoor adventure yet.

See you in the water.

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  1. Masked Avenger

    “Ho-ho-hole in one?” These puns are terrible.

    Good slice, tho. And I love the Benny Hill music!

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