Dec 19

Santa goes mountain biking in Morro Bay

On his trusty mountain bike, Santa climbs the trail to Cerro Cabrillo. Tribune photo by Joe Johnston (SanLuisObispo.com)On his trusty mountain bike, Santa climbs the trail to Cerro Cabrillo.
Tribune photo by Joe Johnston (SanLuisObispo.com)

Well, Santa’s still a little black and blue from yesterday’s adventure at the Los Osos skatepark, so I’m taking it easy today.

I did some sightseeing in Morro Bay and got an up-close look at “The Rock,” which made me want to go for a short hike and a mountain bike ride.
I was told by some of the local birdwatchers that Morro Rock was off-limits to climbing (something tells me this isn’t the weekend to get arrested for trespassing), so I headed over to nearby Cerro Cabrillo instead.

Cerro Cabrillo, one of San Luis Obispo County’s famed “Nine Sisters,” is a popular spot for local hikers, mountain bikers and rock climbers because it overlooks Morro Bay and is located between “The Rock” and Hollister Peak – both of which are closed to the public.
The peak at Cerro Cabrillo is located more than 900 feet above the estuary below, offering amazing views of the North Coast.

I didn’t make it all the way to the top on my mountain bike, but I go far enough up the trail to enjoy the scenery.
I plan on reaching the peak tomorrow, when I try my hand at rock climbing. But for now, until my wounds heal from yesterday’s skate session, I’m sticking with mountain biking.

See you on the mountain,

Coming tomorrow: A blog, photo and video from my rock climbing mission.

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  1. Sarah

    Look at Santa go! I think he’s obviously a better mountain biker than surfer … Must be from practicing on all of those glaciers.

  2. Sarah

    Oops, I mean skateboarder. His surf skills are pretty decent.

  3. The Fool

    Santa is naughty for skidding his tires and ruining our trails.

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