Dec 20

Santa tries his hand at rock climbing

Santa tries rock climbing to the peak at Cerro Cabrillo. Tribune photo by Joe Johnston (SanLuisObispo.com)Santa tries rock climbing to the peak at Cerro Cabrillo.
Tribune photo by Joe Johnston (SanLuisObispo.com)

After failing to mountain bike my way to the top of Cerro Cabrillo yesterday, I decided to try rocking climbing to the peak this afternoon.

Yeah, bad idea. Santa’s boots weren’t made for climbing.

In fact, I didn’t even make it halfway before I slid down the face like a walrus on an icecap — which I’m sure you’ll get another laugh out of on the video.

It wasn’t as bad as my many faceplants at the Los Osos skatepark, but I’ll definitely have to redeem myself on the golf course tomorrow. After I stop by Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and get my knee looked at, of course.

I’m hoping I didn’t blow out an ACL. I still need to try surfing at Pismo Pier. . . . Oh yeah, and then there’s that whole flying around the world and dropping presents down everyone’s chimneys on Wendesday night. Santa might need you to leave a couple Asprin next to the cookies and milk this year.

In case you plan on heading out to Dairy Creek Golf Course tomorrow, let me get this out of the way now . . . FOOOOOORE!

Coming tomorrow: A blog, photo and video from my day on the links at Dairy Creek. And trust me, this video will be a lot funnier.

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  1. chrissy

    My dog tore her ACL. I don’t think she did it rock climbing, though.

  2. rafael chubasco

    oh I remember climbing at the Grand Tetons. I took a class first. We learned the lingo first: On belay … Belay. Climbing …Climb.

    By the end of that session we added to the lexicon: Falling … Fall!

  3. Masked Avenger

    Rockclimbing without the proper safety gear?! Shame on you, Santa!

  4. T Shane

    Well done series. Great production value and Joe’s images are practically perfect!

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