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Jeanne Carmen: A Cayucos connection to the Rat Pack, Marilyn and the Kennedys

This is the second of two parts remembering Jeanne Carmen, who starred in the 1959 film “Monster of Piedras Blancas,” which was filmed in Cayucos. Carmen died Dec. 20, 2007, of lymphoma at her Orange County home. She was 77.

Jeanne Carmen made a name for herself in the 1950s as a pinup model and B-movie actress, but her claim to fame in the final decade of her life was in the stories she told of life in the Hollywood of the late 1950s and early ’60s. Rat Pack Hollywood.

These were the waning days of the studio system and changing movie mores and public tastes. This was the era of Marilyn Monroe and, in the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Bobby Kennedy.

Author Paul Parla knew Jeanne’s stories and of her old friends. He convinced her to begin selling autographed pictures at memorabilia shows, which led to Jeanne’s celebrity comeback in the 1990s. That in turn spawned the 1998’s “E! True Hollywood Story Jeanne Carmen: Queen of the B-Movies.”

“She’s an icon in her own way as exemplifying the beauty of the 1950s starlet,” Parla said in a TV interview. “She’s really basically the same 18-year-old girl who bagged Frank Sinatra for a good time.

“She’s got these great stories to tell, and whether you believe them or not, she’s part of the Hollywood mythology. She’s in there with the Kennedys and Marilyn (Monroe) … just part of the mix.”

Here’s what she told me about three of the biggest celebrities of that era:

• Frank Sinatra: “Frank was a sweet guy, but he was boring to me because I was a young girl still in my early 20s, and he was in his late 30s,” she said. “It’s OK when you’re 38 and they’re 48, but not when you’re 21 or 22. That’s not OK because you’re just living, and they’ve already lived. So I found him to be very boring. I’d go down to spend a weekend with him in Palm Springs, and I could never stay the whole weekend. I’d sneak out in the middle of the night and drive home, or I’d say I was going to the hairdresser and never come back. I was very independent. I was a young girl with a great body, an interesting face, and money. You got to be a little bit of a monster on that one, haven’t you? But I was a nice monster.”

• Elvis Presley: “I met Elvis when he was 21 (or Presley’s breakout year in 1956) at a party. We started dating until he went into the Army (in 1958). Elvis was sweet, but he was, at that point, inside of himself, very shy and quiet. I was sophisticated and grown up when I met him. He was still like a little boy. He was still in awe of everything. I had already been with Sinatra. How can you go from Sinatra to Elvis is what it came right down to.”

• Marilyn Monroe: “Marilyn was one of the sweetest people I think I’ve ever met. She would give you the shirt off her back. You wouldn’t dare say, ‘I like those earrings.’ She’d hand them to you. She really got her lumps in Hollywood. She was not all those things they called her. She was just a really nice girl, wanting very much to be a movie actress, not a movie star particularly. She wanted to be a great actress so bad.”

Success despite headstrong attitude
Jeanne continued to act in the late 1950s, landing roles on TV and in B-movies, including Allied Artists’ “Portland Expose,” Warner Bros.’ “Untamed Youth,” with rocker Eddie Cochran, and as a lead in Republic Pictures’ “The Three Outlaws,” a story about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Alan Hale Jr. (who gained fame as the Skipper on “Gilligan’s Island”) before landing a role in “Piedras Blancas.”
Her last role was as Mrs. Lipschitz in 2005’s “The Naked Monster,” a film co-directed by Newsom and Wayne Berwick. As a kid, Berwick also had a role in “Monster of Piedras Blancas,” which was directed by his dad, Irvin Berwick.

“I succeeded in spite of myself,” Jeanne told me. “I just kept going up the ladder. I was always saying no to everything that came along, but I always had people, other actors, husbands, whatever, who pushed me into it.”

After Monroe’s death in 1962 — Jeanne believes the actress was a victim of foul play — she left Los Angeles, gave up the fast life and became a housewife and mom in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“I would have done really big things had I not left (Hollywood),” she said. “I was starting to really get offers, but I left town … and didn’t come back for 18 years.”

After her three kids were raised, Jeanne ventured back into the industry, using memorabilia shows and her roles in B-movies and Three Stooges shorts to reconnect with old fans.

“I’ve had the most interesting life, probably, than anyone that you’ll ever meet, or know or hear about,” she said with a hearty laugh. “I can’t imagine anyone from where I came from doing what I did.”

• • •

Jeanne’s son, Brandon, has written a biography of his mom: “Jeanne Carmen: My Wild, Wild Life as a New York Pin-up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer and Hollywood Actress.”
For more about Jeanne Carmen visit her Web site.

— Jay Thompson

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    Total BS!
    If you people wanna feed the general public more shit, even after that woman is dead, that is one thing–but leave Marilyn Monroe OUT of your dirty business.
    I think I have made it clear for quite some time now–that Jeanne Carmen NEVER MET Marilyn Monroe.

    For more info on this headache which does not seem to go away, go to this link.
    All these weirdos want: sell a sick and stupid book.


  2. Anonymous

    I am disgusted by the vicious comments left by this Mark person following such a beautiful article about Jeanne Carmen. Shame on you! Obviously nobody takes you seriously if you’re still trying to ” make it clear ” after all this time. You are an old,bitter, failed actor. You are a joke.

  3. Professor Tut

    Who is this Mark guy loser wannabe actor — whose real name is Hans Siegfried Otto Schmidt — who spent 20 years trying to get an acting job and never got even one. Oops, I apologize, Mark aka Hans was an extra 20 years ago on an awful Sean Connery movie called The Name Of The Rose. Yeah baby, how many people are sitting around watching that one on DVD. You’re right, none.

    This Mark / Hans guy is just another no talent moron who gave a bunch of acting teachers $1,000′s & $1,000′s of dollars to string him along for 20 years because he was paying them and that’s how acting teachers pay their rent. They tell losers like Mark / Hans they have what it takes to make it when in reality guys like Mark / Hans have no business trying to get into show business. It’s just a wast of their time and money. Now Mark is in his 40′s, unemployed, with no job skills and living off a dwindling inheritance cuz he gave an old woman in New York named Anna Strasberg most of his inheritance money for a bunch of old clothes and scuzzy furniture that may or may not have belonged to Marilyn Monroe and now Mark is bitter about it. And Mark actually believes the old clothes he bought actually belonged to Marilyn Monroe cuz they look like clothes Marilyn was wearing in some old photos. Sorry, but Anna Strasberg could have hired any two bit tailor to make up a bunch of cheap clothes that look identical to something Mark / Hans saw in a photo. Where is the proof that Marilyn Monroe actually wore the old clothes this Mark / Hans guy blew his inheritance on? Anna Strasberg thinks Mark / Hans is a total loser and she laughs when she counts the money Mark gave her or should we say the money Mark’s father gave him and Mark turned around and handed it to Anna Strasberg – an old woman who despises him. Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. That’s not me laughing at Mark. That’s Anna Strasberg laughing at Mark when she counts his money which is now her money. And even if the old clothes are real, so what? They’re just old clothes. Marilyn would have thrown them in the garbage if she had lived. And if Marilyn had lived she wouldn’t even talk to a foul mouthed scumbag like Mark / Hans.
    This Mark / Hans guy hadn’t even been born yet when Marily died. Mark has no connection to the entertainment industry at all. The only reason Mark has latched onto Marilyn Monroe is cuz he couldn’t find work as an actor and cuz Marilyn is dead she can’t reject him like all the Hollywood producers and directors did. It must be tough for this Mark / Hans guy to face up to the fact that he failed at being an actor which was his childhood dream. But it must be even tougher to think about all the money he pissed away chasing his acting dream. Hollywood is a tough town. It hurts when you lose. But most people just move on and then a few others like this Mark / Hans guy go crazy and start hanging out at cemetaries and calling themselves “Marilyn Monroe’s defender” Oh My God, did anyone just hear the theme music from The Twilight Zone?????


    I am very happy that they are still following me, the haters that is–to EVERYWHERE I am going, then post your crazy lies, in order to character assassinate me more–it ain’t happen. You are the creeps, the sickos, the liars, criminals (just last week I caught online thief Dorothy Broekaert, the darling of Jill Adams & Eric Woodard, when she sold an empty jar of creme on eBay–attached to lies of course–for $1,225. Only problem: I was the highest bidder and when the eBay auction stated her name and address I got her and yet she immediately started to LIE!
    You freaks and criminals are the outcast of society. They are fuck ups and wannabes. The little moron who is calling himself ‘Professor Tut’ has the handwriting of the stalker who followed me EVERYWHERE on the net and threatened me with his AIDS blood. Nice.
    The anonymous comment smells like Jeanne Carmen hopeless son Brandon James, (who REALLY is the failed actor that he is calling me)
    does that man have an IMDb site?
    I wonder.
    who posted a very similar attack, when his mother was still alive and telling lies from early morning until dawn.
    For anybody who has not realized that– for the regular reader who stumbled into this attack of sick anonymous liars, crime supporters:
    You are witnessing HATERS, payed FREAKS who are acting up–just like it happened in the movie ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.’
    They do not even talk about the topic Jeanne Carmen, they ONLY talk about me.
    Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jeane Baker, and my name was not Hans, it was Siegfried. LOL!!!
    I am talking about my names right here on my blog–so, Mr./Mrs. Loser must be doing some catch up when it comes to that.
    I was acting after finishing my acting school and appeared in 26 movie, TV and Theater roles.
    I know how it is to pull through movies as the lead, Mrs. ADAMS!
    But where did YOU appear, Jill Ann Kaiser, aka Adams? Before you made it to LA from a 900 soul inbreeder town called West Falmouth, MA, and then named yourself a freaking Marilyn Monroe FAN CLUB President.
    The population is like 89% white only–is that why you expoded when we compared your intimidation actions to the KKK?
    You people are just like the Scientologists. You hide and you do not show your true identity.
    You join in hate and jealousy of anybody and everything.
    You smile so sweet, but you hate so strongly, so deeply.
    That crackpot Eric Woodard, 45, he really belongs into jail for his multiple threats, and you–anonymous Marilyn fanatics, you need to just get a little bit of your own life.
    People like the two anonymous are really sad. They have nothing left in their life than taking money from a company who was already caught (by me) committing crimes and supporting those as the SPONSOR–the official one.
    Go figure.
    Please read my latest blog on and about one of them:

    And: they have nothing better to do than to hate others.
    They cannot feel and take a break from their jealousy, because they are being paid for it.

    They bitched about my obituary for Jeanne Carmen, who I successfully got kicked out of Marilyn Monroe history.
    Brad Renfro just died, and he was trying hard to get back on his food, but do you think that anybody would have helped him?

    You people, you hate yourself so much, that is why you are unable to love.
    or Others.

  5. Marty Rosenthal

    If you want to know the truth about Mark Bellinghaus or Hans Siegfried Otto Schmidt or whatever his real name is, go to this link and read all the chiling deatails for yourself


    Marty Rosenthal

  6. Vanessa Gray

    I love Jeanne Carmen. I personally think she’s better looking than Marilyn Monroe, sexier, funnier, and more interesting than Marilyn.

    I cringe every time I think of Marilyn having sex with Arthur Miller or Joe Dimaggio. That’s the best America’s so called greatest sex symbol could do? Ewwwww!!!!

  7. Sammy Gold

    Jeanne Carmen has rocked the world! She’s never going away.

    If you want to read an eyewitness, first hand account of Jeanne Carmen’s Wild Wild Life and her relationship with Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra…read on:

    Here is an excerpt from GEORGE JACOBS autobiography MR S. MY LIFE WITH FRANK SINATRA which by the way, NEW LINE CINEMA has recently optioned the rights for a movie. This book is a first hand eyewitness account of Mr. Jacobs life with Frank Sinatra.
    [from pages 76-77]

    “One actress, Jeanne Carmen, got so annoyed on a would-be romantic weekend in Palm Springs that she insisted that she go back to L.A. a day early. A disappointed Mr. S dispatched me to drive her, and, man, did I get an earful.

    Jeanne Carmen was a classic blond starlet and pinup girl with one of the most perfect figures in Hollywood.

    Ava Gardner once described her as “a pale [as in blonde] imitation of myself,” which Jeanne took as an enormous compliment.

    She also had an unusual skill, as a trick-shot golfer. She would travel around the country and appear on television, this gorgeous girl doing these impossible shots. Hole-in-one-Jeanne, we’d call her.

    With a skill like hers, she was naturally in hot demand in golf-crazy Palm Springs.

    Sinatra only played at playing golf, but he really liked Jeanne, whom he dated both when he was down, and after he was up again. He appreciated her loyalty so much he bought her a Chrysler convertible, which wasn’t that unusual a gift for him to give once he was rich again. He was the master of the grand gesture…

    Jeanne both loved Frank and hated him. “All he does is whine about Ava,” she whined, echoing a complaint by many other lovers that, once the deed was done, the postcoital pillow talk was a never-ending obsession about the one who got away. Otherwise she enjoyed going to bed with Mr. S, whom she rated as one of the lords of foreplay, a great kisser and an even better cuddler and handholder, sentiments that many other of Sinatra’s conquests repeated to me over the years.

    Jeanne Carmen worshipped Mr. S’s hands, which were always perfectly manicured and baby soft. He wasn’t exactly doing heavy lifting, other than skirts, with them. His “equipment” was, with her and others, a conversation piece. “I thought he was bending down to scratch his knee,” she marveled. He had no fetishes in particular.

    “The only place he like lingerie was on the floor,” Jeanne told me. He did enjoy being woken up, at any hour, with a surprise blow job, but woe betide any woman who disturbed his precious sleep for any other reason. I cant tell you how many calls I got from him in the middle of the night screaming, “Come and get this bitch outta here.” Among his other cardinal sins were wearing too much perfume, of almost any brand. His own cologne, Coty’s “Jungle Gardenia,” he wore in the tiniest amounts.

    Jeanne and others would tell me how Mr. S liked to talk gangster slang in bed, “smack this one, smack that one,” “put the arm on,” “get it in the neck,” “ass is grass,” “cement shoes,” Godfather stuff, narrating the grisly tortures he had in mind for all his enemies. I would have liked to hear what he had dreamed up for Sam Spiegel.

    This particular weekend, Mr. S had gotten very drunk. When that happened, he could bet both nasty and self-pitying, and Jeanne couldn’t take it. But she would come back, and he would take her back, and they stayed sexually friendly for many years.

    When he [Frank] would train those hypnotic blue eyes on her [Jeanne], or anyone else, there was that magic moment when a woman was the woman, the only woman, and that was irresistible.

    In the early sixties, Jeanne, Marilyn Monroe, and I all ended up in the same apartment complex on Doheny Drive and had a different set of adventures…

    [from page 154-155]

    Because of Marilyn’s nasty habits, such as never using sanitary napkins or tampons and bleeding all over her bed, Mr. S did not take her into the Bowmont house to live with him, as she would have liked. Instead of a ring he gave her a poodle, which she promptly named “Maf,” short for Mafia, just to annoy him for not loving her enough.

    And instead of spending the time with her [Marilyn] that she madly desired, he [Frank] dumped her on me. He put us both into an apartment house at 882 North Doheny Drive, between Sunset and Santa Monica on the border of Beverly Hills and an area then known as Boys Town, and now as West Hollywood.

    The building was called “The Sinatra Arms,” because in addition to Marilyn and me were Sinatra’s secretary Gloria Lovell and his longtime on-off bedmate Jeanne Carmen, who became Marilyn’s best girlfriend.

    Mr. S. would sometimes live there himself between houses and women. I was living there because after a decade of marriage, my wife Sally and I were splitting up.

    “MR S, MY LIFE WITH FRANK SINATRA” by George Jacobs with William Stadiem
    (Note: George Jacobs was Frank Sinatra’s long time personal valet and butler during the legendary Rat Pack years)


    I really saw that one coming up!
    It’s just exactly one month only to the day, that Jeanne Carmen died, and now her crazy son is going haywire.
    Creating (mostly Jewish named MONIKERS) because if you look those up–well, you can imagine.
    So he is still trying to turn his poor dead mom into $$$$$$ continuing his vicious lies.
    Just as he screamed inside the chapel in Westwood, I only screamed outside–not for Jeanne Carmen, but for Marilyn.

    People were laughing about Jeanne Carmen’s fake bossom appearance. She pranked ALL the Marilyn Monroe fans, who invided her and since she had nothing else to do–nobody else really cared about her crackpot creations, she would sit at pool parties and be celebrated as ‘Marilyn’s friend’ lol

    Oh, I can understand why the weird Brandon hates me. But I do not believe in hate–only proof.
    And why does Brandon NOT share with us how his mom lied to the world, and that THE ONLY PROOF she claimed to have–was a drawing of Carmen and Marilyn, in a steam room.
    Very creative, indeed. But: again–BS!
    I admit, she got me too, some 20 years ago, when I was so stupid to believe her crap. Her’s and her friend’s Robert Slatzer.
    What a moron that one was.
    You guys should really be nominated for a price: Mrs. Munchhausen’s spawn is getting vicious Award.
    Category: Most obvious LIAR.

    Who gives a shit about a F – movie actress who had no talent and lied whenever she opened her loose mouth?

    Hey Brandon, hope your mother wasn’t mad when I refused to shake her hand (and your greasy one of course, too) I still have not regret that one.

    Oh and, I heard the hair transplants are quite expensive–is that why you are so mad and super pitching that toilet paper self published thing that you called book?
    Don’t be so fucking ugly to me, I was one of the idiots who paid for it, bought it and read it.
    The nightmares I had–they should make you really happy.
    I still cannot decide which book was more dreadful and annoying. Yours or June DiWho Maggio’s.
    I feel like there is a tie.

    Don’t you have an old aunt Judy who you can pull from the nursing home and which you can present as Marilyn Monroe’s gay lover?
    Your own mom tried it and she failed in that one, too.

    But–what you should admit is, that you, just like some other freaks did it–followed me. To YouTube, and other many sites, you posted nasty attacks and you submitted BS press releases in Austria…that must show EVERYONE that I cannot be as stupid and bad as you losers tried to make me looklike.

    But I am so flattered, that you are obsessed.
    Just do never ever threaten me, or you will find your ass in court–just like your buddy and friend Eric Woodard.
    Who is posting with a Jewish name.
    You guys are sick.
    And more than anything:


    Marty Rosenthal = BS creation
    Vanessa Gray = Brandon James
    Sammy Gold = Brandon James who wants you to buy this rubbish

    Seems like this guy is drinking again and got really into his mood–pitching his mother’s and his own lies, on uncountable websites–trying to beg for the attention that he was hoping to get.
    Badmouthing me with journalists (like the LA Weekly for example) the viciousness of James is getting to the point where he should be the center of an exploitation.
    Maybe on Jeanne Carmen’s super blog:



    “Because of Marilyn’s nasty habits, such as never using sanitary napkins or tampons and bleeding all over her bed, Mr. S did not take her into the Bowmont house to live with him, as she would have liked. Instead of a ring he gave her a poodle, which she promptly named “Maf,” short for Mafia, just to annoy him for not loving her enough.

    And instead of spending the time with her [Marilyn] that she madly desired, he [Frank] dumped her on me. He put us both into an apartment house at 882 North Doheny Drive, between Sunset and Santa Monica on the border of Beverly Hills and an area then known as Boys Town, and now as West Hollywood.”

    Brandon fucking James, just as you screamed 10 1/2 years ago towards that old white frog Donald Spoto, I will do repeat your own lines(pathetic as they are)

    Brandon James, you are a sick man!

    Not only is that below anything–but–and here comes the BEAUTY of it–you did not do your RESEARCH before you just wrote some stupid and disprovable lies in the name of your poor dead mom.
    You are caught, because the fact different.
    Ask anybody from those crazy fan clubs, they will tell you WHERE you fucked up in that statement.

    But that is not the only mistake that gave you lies away.

    BTW: Universal studio was showing interest in turning the Queen Mary Scandal into a full feature.
    Unfortunately there is no part for your mother’s character–since she did not appear at the press conference and got into a fist fight with June or Mary Jane, Robert Otto or Hugh Hefner’s bimbo blondes.
    You know your writing is really boring and old fashioned.
    The generation which is interested in such crap–they never even existed to begin with.
    So why not just go away and try an honest job for a change, instead of making money with stupid lies, attached to the famous and successful ones.


  10. Anonymous

    I just heard that Mark Roesler, the attorney who represents the estate of Marilyn Monroe has sued this Mark Bellinghaus guy whose real name is Hans Siegfried Otto Schmidt for $250,000.00 dollars.

    First of all, I can’t believe that Roesler is not sueing him for more. Mark / Hans certainly deserves it and it’s going to be a slam dunk case for Roesler to win.

    This Mark / Hans guy is going to end up losing his house to Roesler and all his crappy old clothes and scuzzy old furniture that he thinks belonged to Marilyn Monroe.

    Yeah sure, can Mark prove that any of that stuff belonged to Marilyn Monroe? Nope? His only proof is that he bought it from a Christies estate auction that was set up by Mark Roesler who this Mark / Hans guy has repeatedly called a liar and a criminal. So if Mark Roesler is a liar and a criminal, then how does this Mark / Hans guy know that Roesler wasn’t lying about all the old crap belonging to Marilyn Monroe?

    Mark or Hans or whatever his real name is doesn’t know if it’s real. All he has is a certificate from Christies stating it’s real because they got the stuff from Mark Roesler who told them it was real.

    This Mark / Hans guy is a total wacko.

    And let’s all face it, if this Mark / Hans guy could get a real acting job in a movie or tv show, he would give up this self invented title of “Marilyn Monroe’s defender” but since Mark / Hans can’t get a real acting job I guess he will keep on.

    This Mark / Hans guy should go back to Germany if he was so successful there. I wonder how many fans will be waiting for him at airport. You’re right. none!

    Go home loser. You’re just a nobody.

  11. The Law Guy

    I just read these very interesting sworn statements that were made about this person who uses the name Mark Bellinghaus.

    According to the court docs, his real name is Hans Siegried Otto Schmidt and according to the sworn testimony in court, this Mark Bellinghasu person has tried to extort money out of a little old man in Beverly Hills.

    According to court docs, attorney Katherine Butts Warwick stated “On December 10, 2006 Mr. Bellinghaus called me claiming to have filed police reports; claiming that he had an offer of $150,000 from the National Enquirer; claiming to have a ‘book deal’ with a German publisher; stating (correctly) that he had acquired domain names of Mr. and Mrs. Nicolayevsky, all of their children and two of their friends on which he would publish his ‘story’ and demanding $1 million.”

    Then Ms. Warwick goes on to state “Thereafter, following four long, acrimonious telephone calls in which Mr. Bellinghaus repeated and expanded his threats (offers from three national magazines — for his ‘huge arsenal of items’ that would be all over the news), his false accusations (‘death threats’) and his self-justifications (‘I’m warning other people’), on December 18, 2006, I informed Mr. Bellinghaus that he was extorting the Nicolayevsky’s who would pay nothing…”

    Then Ms. Warwick goes on to state “At 7:00PM on December 19, 2006, Mr. Bellinghaus called me again and ranted for 50 minutes. He said that he had no other choice but to sign a contract to publish his story in a ‘yellow press paper’ and Mr. Nicolayevsky will ‘curse the day when he didn’t take this offer.’ He [Mr. Bellinghaus] said that ‘I will talk about everything.’ ‘This is the last chance. I have no mercy. I’m just gonna go for the kill, so to speak’…”

    Then Ms. Warwick states “Mr. Bellinghaus called at 4:30PM on April 8, 2007 and talked for 45 minutes. He demanded that I tell Mr. Nicolayevsky that ‘this man is not going to get rid of me — just watch.’ He [Mr. Bellinghaus] demanded payment of $150,000 in cash which he characterized as ‘peanuts’ , ‘nothing’ and ‘a fair offer because Yasha owes me.’ He [Mr. Bellinghaus] said that this would be his ‘last offer’ and must be accepted by noon Wednesday or he would file police reports alleging rape with the West Hollywood police and the Beverly Hills police.”

    Finally, Ms. Warwick states “I have been listening to and reading e-mails and internet blogs written by Mr. Bellinghaus for ten months. He creates and embellishes stories in which he is the hero {he saved Mr. Nicolayevsky’s life; he is the protector of Marilyn Monroe’s legacy) or the victim (an abused childhood; a thwarted acting career) and sometimes both. Whatever the story, he is always the center of attention. He craves attention and uses the names and likenesses of celebrities to get it. He attacks those who cross him or ignore him viciously — in the e-mails and telephone calls to me and the Nicolayevsky’s, in internet blogs and even in reviews of books on Amazon. I believe that he lives in a fantasy world of his own in which he has fabricated the ‘justification’ for his extortion demands for money from the Nicolayevsky family.”

    To read the entire transcript of the court docs sworn to by numerous people against Mark Bellinghaus aka Hans Siegfried Otto Schmidt, visit the blog at the link noted below:


  12. Anonymous

    This Mark Bellinghaus trouble maker should be deported. America does not need trash like him! He should go back to Germany. No, better yet he should go straight to hell and leave people alone. Loser!

  13. Rockabilly Stray Cat

    Why doesn’t everybody shut up about Marilyn Monroe. It’s such a waste of time.

    This blog is about Jeanne Carmen, the greatest American Pin-Up Queen of the ’50′s.

    I love the song Eddie Cochran recorded for her. It’s on all his Greatest Hits CD’s.

    Here are the lyrics:

    [recorded by Rockabilly Legend and Rock N Roll Hall of Famer EDDIE COCHRAN
    after meeting JEANNE CARMEN on the set of the Warner Bros. film ‘UNTAMED YOUTH’]

    Well, Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie, come & dance with me
    I’ll a-teach you every dance from way across the sea

    Yeah, first we’ll hop
    Yeah yeah yeah, then we’ll bop
    Yeah yeah yeah, then we’ll stop
    Then rock & roll, we’ll do the stroll

    Well, Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie, got my blue suede shoes
    My pink carnation & my black slacks too

    Yeah, first we’ll hop
    Yeah yeah yeah, then we’ll bop
    Yeah yeah yeah, then we’ll stop
    Then rock & roll, we’ll do the stroll

    Well, baby, baby, you won’t have to wait
    I’ll be ready at 8
    I keep a-knockin’ at your front door
    All the cats are hoppin’ at the big 5-4

    Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie, when we reach the hall
    We’ll rock around the clock & really have a ball

    Yeah, first we’ll hop
    Yeah yeah yeah, then we’ll bop
    Yeah yeah yeah, then we’ll stop
    Then rock & roll, we’ll do the stroll

  14. Glamour Girl

    Jeanne Carmen is A True Glamourous Pin-Up Queen.

    I wish I was her!

  15. Beaver Licker

    Jeanne Carmen…


  16. The Janitor

    Mark Bellinghaus sounds like the aborted love child of Mark David Chapman and Andrew Cunanan.

    The only thing we don’t know for certain is which pooper Mark Bellinghaus plopped out of: Mark David Chapman’s or Andrew Cunanan’s?

  17. Golf Glamor Girl

    She was an American original. A 20th century country girl who left small town Arkansas for a glittery life on the road. A road that lead from Broadway to Vegas, to Hollywood, with many interesting stops in between. Jeanne was a dancer, a pinup and a B movie star. She also worked as a profesional trick shot golfer and later, a golf hustler.

    Check out the these two videos for highlights of her amazing story.

    Jeanne Carmen: E! True Hollywood Story (Part 3/7)


    Jeanne Carmen on The Golf Channel


  18. The Gay Icon

    This is Jeanne Carmen’s last published interview on November 21, 2007

    it was for SX News – The leading Gay and Lesbian News Paper in Australia

    Another great coup for the Queens Down Unda

    Jeanne Carmen is one of the great Gay Icons of all time

    here’s the link


    and here is a link to Jeanne Carmen in George Michael’s smash hit video ‘Outside’ – The greatest gayest video ever made!


    George Michael cast Jeanne Carmen himself

    kiss kiss Jeanne. U sexy little vamp. If only I could have been u, then I would have had Sinatra & Elvis & Errol Flynn and all the others.

  19. Angie baby

    Brandon James is the greatest muff diver of all time

    Mmmmm… that’s it baby… just like that… mmmm… ohhh… oooh … keep doing it just like that… ahhh… ohhhh … don’t ever stop!

    Thank you Brandon for all the great nights. Where did you learn to do all that?

    Now let me get some sleep!

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