Mar 23

Lou Ferrigno loves you, man

The “Incredible Hulk” star has a cameo in Paul Rudd’s latest cameo 

Not Pictured: Lou Ferrigno stars with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in “I Love You, Man”As I’ve said before, one of the coolest things about California living is the celebrities.

Movie and television stars pop up all the time — in restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. They vacation on the Central Coast, at beach resorts and cozy bed-and-breakfasts. Some of them even make their homes here.

Take Lou Ferrigno, best known as TV’s “The Incredible Hulk. He lives in Arroyo Grande — just a 15-mile drive from my hometown of San Luis Obispo.

The Hulk lives in my backyard. How cool is that?!

Ferrigno stars in the new comedy “I Love You, Man” about a soon-to-be-married man searching for a best man.

Co-written and directed by John Hamburg (“Along Came Polly”), “I Love You, Man” is the latest sweetly crude male-bonding “bromance” in the vein of “Superbad” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The movie may have opened in theaters Friday, but Ferrigno’s small role is already getting big attention.

Originally a professional body builder from Brooklyn, New York, Lou Ferrigno first appeared on the big screen in the 1977 documentary “Pumping Iron. The young deaf athlete eventually lost the Mr. Olympia title to five-time Austrian champion (and future California governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Since then, Ferrigno has maintained a steady acting career — snagging the role of Dr. David Bruce Banner’s mean, green alter-ego in “The Incredible Hulk” and its many spin-offs, as well as a re-occurring role on “The King of Queens.

Ferrigno had a cameo in Ang Lee’s ill-fated “Hulk, followed by an appearance five years later in the much more successful “The Incredible Hulk” as a pizza-loving security guard.

He appears in “I Love You, Man” as a funny fictional version of himself.

You see, real estate agent Paul Rudd meets his best bud-to-be (Jason Segel) at an open house for Ferrigno’s mansion. The “Incredible Hulk” star gets in a fight with Segel and even shows off some dance moves during a wedding scene. (Now 57, he’s still incredibly muscle-bound.)

Ferrigno took time recently to chat about “I Love You, Man” with Chris Harrison of “Hollywood 411.”

He also talked about the movie during a press junket for “The Incredible Hulk” back in 2008. Since I’ve seen the same interview attributed to multiple sources, I make no claims about its accuracy. However, it offers a fun look at “Lou Ferrigno the Actor.”

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  1. Pat

    Arnold may have beaten Lou in the 70s, but let’s see who would win now.

    BTW, I wonder if Lou ever spots Jack LaLanne, of Morro Bay, on the bench press?

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