Apr 01

Don’t miss these movies!

Spring cleaning concludes with an entertainment grab bag

This may sound like an April Fool’s Day joke, but spring cleaning has finally come to the end.

I’m just inches away from clearing out my stockpile of old but interesting links. So if you’re willing to bear with me, I’ll bring this cleaning spree to a close.

Without further ado, here’s today’s assortment of tantalizing tidbits.


First up, here are some of those wonderful lists we all know and love.

  • Romantically minded moviegoers will appreciate this list of 18 onscreen couples, from the fairytale (“King Kong,” “Twilight”) to the familiar (“Kramer Vs. Kramer,” “Revolutionary Road”).
  • Before you dig into the Onion AV Club’s “24 Great Movies Too Painful to Watch Twice,” including “Boys Don’t Cry,”  “Dancer in the Dark” and “Requiem for a Dream,” prepare for some sleepless nights. Stocking up on Kleenex might not hurt, either.
  • Conversely, some movie and television shows are better the second time. Need a few examples? “Barton Fink,” “The Prestige” and “Trainspotting.”
  • For cinephiles who like their films with a side of self-awareness, here are “19 films that double as film criticism.” They range from “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” to “Scream.”
  • A while back, Brad Schelden at Amoeba Music compiled his top 100 movies of the 1980s. Although a 100-film list might be a bit excessive, I can’t quibble with choices like “The Breakfast Club,” “Heathers” and “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.”
  • It feels only natural to wrap up this segment with “100 Things I Love About the Movies,” courtesy of The Droid You’re Looking For.


Do you know what movie bloggers like just as much as lists? Charts!

I’ve seen some terrific graphic illustrations in the past year or so. One of my favorites, although not necessarily film-related, is “The Evolution of the Geek” — a helpful guide that charts the word from its original meaning (a circus performer who bites off the heads of live chickens) to its current applications to comic book fans, high-tech titans and online gamers.

If you’ve ever wondered about the plots of Woody Allen films or Martin Scorsese’s favorite themes, The Droid You’re Looking For has a whole slew of movie charts for you.

There’s even a mathematical equation that answers that eternal question: “Will this Clint Eastwood movie be any good?” (Hint: If it’s a war movie or a Western, you’re in luck.)

There’s a similar formula for Judd Apatow movies, of course.


Finally, here are a couple of guides for folks interested in delving deeper into the wonderful world of cinema.

Great Britain’s The Guardian has compiled what it considers  “The best films of all time.” The films, 175 in all, are divided by genre for your convenience.

Meanwhile, blogger Richard Hourula of Riku Writes has launched a wonderful series of beginners’ guides. Whether you want to watch Alfred Hitchcock films or screwball comedies, this is a great place to start.


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