Apr 15

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • Remembering “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace and his hard-hitting interview style. http://t.co/348r0SOM #
  • Preston Sturges’s 11 rules for box office appeal, no. 1: “A pretty girl is better than an ugly one.” http://t.co/NEtuvFrl #
  • Filmmaking advice from “Some Like It Hot” director Billy Wilder: “Grab ‘em by the throat and never let ‘em go.” http://t.co/lOC2fFBe #
  • In case you missed it: Ten movies about Jesus’ life and legacy, just in time for Easter. http://t.co/AGOdVEJk #
  • As critics’ attitude toward television continue to shift, the battle between film and TV continues. http://t.co/gEQ6IxwA #
  • Eight actors who couldn’t escape their biggest role, from Mark Hamill (“Star Wars”) to Linda Blair (“The Exorcist”). http://t.co/jO9aiqRq #
  • What’s in a name? How having a great title can make or break a film. http://t.co/Hi4n2ZSl #
  • IFC asks: What’s the difference between a movie star and an actor? http://t.co/4lcnu2Sk #
  • “This is Greendale … We can do whatever we want.” http://t.co/nArRZfjd #
  • Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” as interpreted by Hollywood. http://t.co/Sy2Z70V6 #
  • It’s astounding how many celebrities appeared on “Frasier”: Ben Stiller, Kevin Bacon, Helen Mirren, … The list… http://t.co/kKTglQj4 #
  • I often cry at movies, but the documentary “Being Elmo” turned me to mush. http://t.co/HvsbXswL #
  • From “Chinatown” to “The Big Lebowski,” private detectives have always captured the public’s imagination. http://t.co/9hi7S3SA #
  • Reel-life love lessons from “Dawson’s Creek,” “Pretty in Pink” and “Gone with the Wind.”... http://t.co/m8ASwu4A #
  • “Arrested Development” Netflix series starts shooting this summer. Ayeeeeee!! http://t.co/vmaB3I8Y #
  • Check out these painterly portraits of Marty McFly, Willy Wonka and other movie icons. http://t.co/U3yBmMnN #
  • Kevin Costner asked Princess Diana to star in “The Bodyguard” sequel. Oh wow. http://t.co/BQzRqYJU #
  • LeVar Burton Q&A – Sactown Magazine – February-March 2012 http://t.co/tX6roL2X #
  • “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander makes peace with the Soup Nazi. http://t.co/oSsNbuKD #
  • Joss Whedon answers your “Cabin in the Woods” questions, and more. http://t.co/VB1H12Mj #

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