Sep 17

TV networks try to recapture the magic of hit shows

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Fall season preview continues with “The Mob Doctor,” “Revolution”

Fall television is far from a sure thing.

Some shows fail. Some grow stale. And others succeed beyond the showrunners’ wildest expectations.

This week, the networks try to recapture the magic of two of the 21st century’s most successful series, the misanthropic medical drama “House” and the science fiction-flavored thriller “Lost.”

Will “The Mob Doctor” and “Revolution” attract the same loyal audiences as their popular predecessors? Only time and advertising dollars will tell.


“The Mob Doctor” (Fox)
Premieres: 9 p.m. tonight

By day, Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) works as a thoracic surgeon at a high-profile hospital. By night, she moonlights as a mob doctor, carrying out clandestine medical procedures for Constantine (William Forsythe), head of the South Chicago Mafia. Much like the title physician, this overblown drama spreads itself way too thin — attempting to pack everything from moral dilemmas to medical mysteries into every frame while stinting on story and character development.

“Revolution” (NBC)
Premieres: 10 p.m. tonight

The latest show from “Lost” creator J.J. Abrams has a great premise: A giant electromagnetic pulse wipes out all electrical devices, leaving millions without transportation, communication or medical technology. Fifteen years later, a ragtag group of survivors must make their way through a world that’s a strikingly similar to Civil War-era America. Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly wowed by the show’s premiere, a mess of hackneyed acting, corny plot twists, and loads of laughable coincidences.

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