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Sarah Linn is the entertainment editor of The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Stay updated by liking She Likes to Watch on Facebook, following her on Twitter at @shelikestowatch or following Sarah Linn on Google Plus.


  1. jonathan

    check out this thing for hellboy 2. its pretty random but soooooo cute :)


    j x

  2. keeg

    Sarah is the shay-hizz! Though when I googled “she likes to watch” I certainly got some interesting results. Luckily it’s me, and I wasn’t stalled clicking those other links.

  3. Scott

    Hi Sarah. I’m Scott(teacher turned bartender guy from Jeopardy tryout). I really had fun meeting you and I dig your writing(you have yet another fan). Hope to see you around. Have a lovely day.

  4. Sarah

    Thanks, everyone! Keep reading!

  5. vicki leon

    Hi Sarah,
    Finally….a blog with real meat after endless hordes of anemic blather. Very clever title, too. Super vid links. You’ve got me hooked!
    Cheers, Vicki Leon

  6. Marianne Howard

    Hi Sarah,

    My dad, Clark Howard, (cousin of Aunt Shirley) forwarded the newspaper link. Awesome! Wish i could meet all of the Howard cousins. Sorry, not much to do about the blog . . . Live here in Hawaii if you come this way. Aloha, Marianne

  7. Lindsay

    Hey Sarah! You look so pensive in that photo. :-)

    Looks like you’re doing well and having fun in SLOtown. I have a new blog too (http://77square.com/arts/blog/aisle/). Of course, it’s completely local to Madison, but still. Bloggers unite!

    From one blue state to another,

  8. sal

    ya know,,,i was wunnerin if there will ever be a two word review of a movie,let alone a blurb about some where are they now band or bluez/jass fest…..
    hello janine…

  9. Tyrone Huevo

    The skulls, the bodies … you give it all such a glow. I don’t know if it’s art … but I like it!

  10. Jennifer

    Hi Sarah,
    I met you at Bree’s graduation party this weekend. Had a great time and thought I’d check out your blog. Cool.

  11. Jose m. Lemus

    Keep doing what you’re doing my friend. Very good perspective.

  12. Robert Adanto

    Dear Sarah,

    My documentary will screen at the SLO Arts Center in September. Do you review documentaries? Please let me know if you’d like a screener.

    Here’s some background:

    Robert Adanto’s debut feature-length documentary film, The Rising Tide, explored China’s meteoric march toward the future through the work of some of the Middle Kingdom’s most talented photographers and video artists, including Wang Qingsong, Cao Fei, Xu Zhen, Yang Yong, Chen Qiulin and O Zhang. Shot in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in the summer of 2006, this unflinching and incisive study captures the confusion and ambiguity that characterize the new China. “An often surprising and thought-provoking documentary,” wrote WICN’s Mark Lynch, “The rest of us better make an effort to grasp what their work is about, or get out of the way. An “eye-opener” in every sense of the word, if you are an artist, curator or art teacher be sure to catch this film.”

    The documentary premiered at the United Kingdom’s China Now! Festival as part of Constant Stream: China 08 at the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre in London, where it screened with a film by acclaimed Chinese director Jia Zhangke. The film has also enjoyed screenings at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, The Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC, The National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, The Worcester Art Museum, and The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami. The film was also featured at The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, screening in conjunction Shanghai Kaleidoscope, an exhibition curated by Christopher Phillips of the International Center for Photography in NY, and was an Official Selection of The Cape Winelands Film Festival in Cape Town, South Africa. In May of 2009, the film screened in association with Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection at the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, MA and at the Hong Kong International Art Fair, where Mr. Adanto participated in Asia Art Archives’ Backroom Conversations series. In June, the film was screened in conjunction with The China Project at The Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia and The Works Art and Design Festival in Edmonton, Alberta. In October of 2009, the film will screen in association with Reversed Images: Representations of Shanghai and Its Contemporary Material Culture at The Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, in conjunction with Art for the Millions: 100 Sculptures from the Mao Era.

  13. Julia

    Just wanted to let all the entertainment junkies know that there’s an interesting (and FREE!) production of “The Fantasticks” in Paso Robles, sponsored by the City, in Centennial Park’s outdoor amphitheater and under the stars. There are two shows of the production on Friday, Sept. 18 and Saturday, Sept. 19. They both start at 6 p.m. Seating is on a grassy knoll. Bring picnic baskets!

  14. Scott

    was that lady from slo that was jeopardy week one the finalist for our conestant search? i think not! i certainly have thought about it a bunch y tu tambien!

  15. Cherie Parker

    Is your Mother’s name Jerri Ann Linn? You look so much like her-we were very close friends from first grade–through high-school.

  16. Nicolas Ito

    Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for expressing interest in my blog. Unfortunately, I was away for the break, and was unable to update it. Now that I’m back, I am prepared to resume my blog posts.
    I would like to tell you that I am extremely honored by your offer, and would like to contribute to the Tribune for movie-related coverage. I will (hopefully) have a rather easy quarter in spring, so I could go cover events etc, although movie reviews are what I like to do the best.
    Please contact me directly to my mail address, and we can discuss further.
    Also, I am sorry, but for the moment, I do not know of anybody who would be interested in doing this. I will tell you as soon as I find a candidate.
    Again, thank you for this opportunity.

    Nicolas Ito

  17. Malcolm Gunderson


    I am Malcolm from The Final Oscar and I am cordially inviting you to a smackdown. It’s the SMACKDOWN: 1995 BEST PICTURE. The nominees for that year are:

    Apollo 13
    Il Postino
    Sense and Sensibility

    If you confirm or reject your participation in this smackdown, please reply to this mail. If you have any inquiries, just mail me at mylastoscar@gmail.com

    Submission of Analysis: May 20, 2010
    Posting of Results: May 23, 2010

    For more details, you can just visit my site: mylastoscar.wordpress.com

    Thanks for the time and I hope you’ll join!


  18. Stephanie O


    Just had to stop and say love the blog.


  19. JCHeiser

    Love your blog…can’t wait to hear more from you!

  20. Tom Stroup

    Hi Sarah, this is Tom Stroup, one of the hosts of NBC School Pride. I was just forwarded your comments on our upcoming show. I wanted to personally thank you for the kind words. Being a part of this program has been a very revealing experience for me. It reinforced what i always knew, people are good and want to help. The show does expose the “state” of schools in America, but for me it was more about the people. I made friends that i stay in touch with on a regular basis. I considered it an honor to be a part of their lives. It has been a life changing experience and i wanted to let you know that i appreciate your opinion….Thanks again….tom


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    Not a spam message.

    Looking to get as many movie bloggers as possible involved in James Bond January. If those films are your bag, more info on the following post.


    If it’s not your thing a re-blog or forwarding of the link would be appreciated.

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  22. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Can’t remember if I got back to you or not but yes, definitely happy to have anyone on board for James Bond January.

    If you want to do them all you can, if you only want to do a few you can… up to you!

    Thanks, and can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  23. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Hey Sarah,

    You’re probably sick of hearing from me but just put up a fresh post about James Bond January, hope you’re still up for contributing stuff?

    It’d be appreciated if you could spread the love as this is growing exponentially, so the more the merrier!


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  24. Luther Bhogal-Jones

    Hi Sarah,

    Hope the below might be of interest to you and your film blog…fun to see you’re in San Luis Obispo, I stayed there for several nights in my late teens (my brother and I were in a hostel next door to a sorority house as they were doing their initiation in the garden!)

    Many thanks,


    Getting’ Some – an ambitious no budget feature length film, which has been over 14 years in the making, is finally released and available to view online now!

    The genesis of this film began many years ago at a screening of “Swingers.” “My friend Jim and I had been to see it and loved it”, explains writer/ director Luther Bhogal-Jones, “and when we came out he remarked on the similarity of a scene in the film and a short film I’d just done where a girl was obsessed with her answer machine. He suggested I put together a bunch of ideas for shorts and try to do a feature length project.”

    Another driving factor was a viewing of Shane Meadow’s debut no budget film “Smalltime” – “I was disappointed by the lack of ambition, that it felt like 4 people with wigs in a terrace house bar a trip to Skegness. I wanted to try and do something stupidly ambitious in scale, to prove that it could be done. Perhaps I was wrong!”

    So Luther picked apart recent script ideas and created an ambitious script detailing a week in the life of two groups of friends, whose lives intersect over the course of the running time. Shooting took place on evenings and weekends across a variety of locations and became a catalogue of mishaps and adventures, , broken hearts, broken bank balances and broken cameras. If anything, it was learnt that video cameras, red wine, film making and concrete do not make a happy combination. Especially if you have no insurance. Ouch.

    But with dwindling cast and crew and money, the shoot was put to rest in May 2001 – around 80% complete, but enough to tell the core story. But with no money to edit the film and complete it, Luther moved from Nottingham to Brighton with a hope that one day he would be able to finish the film. In Brighton the final image of the film, a cityscape, was shot ensuring that the film truthfully was shot entirely on location in Nottingham and Brighton.

    Skip forwards several years and the film was finally edited but the post production aspect of the film was dragged out by the grading and sound design process. “It does sound like I’ve spent years making this film”, admits Luther “But the reality is that the last few years have been waiting on other people. But when everyone is working for free, there are understandably limits to how much people will give you before they’ve had enough.”

    A frustrating spell of sound designers and grades, many promising lots but never delivering followed, and after losing yet another sound designer from the project, Luther decided that enough was enough. “I decided to have another look at the edit which had been locked down for years, apply what I had learned in from my more recent film making and get the film out there for everyone to finally see.”

    What has emerged from this is a leaner film than intended – “Much of the ambition was scaled back” admits Luther , “either due to sequences which were never shot (including several film referencing fantasy sequences) or storyline aspects which were incomplete or didn’t work in the edit.”

    However, despite these changes and the sometimes rawness of the film on a technical level, what does remain is a dream of ambition, a fast paced entertaining film with a large ensemble cast filmed over a variety of locations, a film to hopefully inspire a next generation of film makers at what can be achieved with no money but energy and endless determination.

    Getting’ Some premiered on Monday the 4th of March at Movie Bar in Brighton with a simultaneous online premiere at http://www.vimeo.com/fasterproductions – further information about the film can be found at http://www.facebook.com/gettinsomemovie

    10 Facts About “Gettin’ Some”

    1. Gettin’ Some is a self funded ambitious feature length film shot in Nottingham in 1999-2001.

    2. Writer/ Director Luther Bhogal-Jones was 23 when shooting began – he had been making short films since the age of 15 and after seeing the film “Swingers” the idea of making a feature film was planted in his head.

    3. Various locations were used in the making of the film, including the much missed legendary record shop Selectadisc, the now closed Dubble Bubble nightclub, the Powergen offices in Phoenix Park and outside Nottingham Castle.

    4. Due to Luther’s job working at Selectadisc in Nottingham, filming could only take place on Sundays and evenings.

    5. There are over 30 speaking roles in the film – an ambitious figure for a film with no financing and where everyone worked for free.

    6. Several principal crew members have gone on to greater things – cameraman Mark Walker was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Short Film. Producer/ production designer Lisa Marie-Hall has enjoyed a successful career in production design for film, tv and theatre, including working on Shane Meadows’ “This Is England ’86.” Actress Katty Heath is currently singing in the band “The Spotlight Kid” who have had press and support from The Guardian, Radio 2 and the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage and received press attention when she entered the Danish version of the TV show “The Voice.”. Will Haynes’ (Will Willoughby) stunt career has gone from strength to strength with one of his latest credits being Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel “Prometheus.”

    7. The soundtrack to the film includes many much loved and missed Nottingham bands including Punish The Atom, The Grips, The Chemistry Experiment and Six Fingered Cousin. The lauded Nottingham electronica duo Bent also provided several tracks under a pseudonym.

    8. Around 20 minutes of completed scenes of the film were shot with a slightly different cast and crew in 1999, but this “Version 1” of the film was completely reshot when filming restarted in 2000.

    9. The film has been delayed for many years due to post production issues such as the colour grading and sound design. A recent period of re-editing removed a 1/3rd of the initial running time, resulting in the final 60 minute version of the film.

    10. Gettin’ Some is finally available to view at http://www.vimeo.com/fasterproductions and information about the film can be found at http://www.facebook.com/gettinsomemovie

    Luther Bhogal-Jones Biog

    Luther Bhogal-Jones was born and raised in Sutton-in-Ashfield in North Nottinghamshire. A love of film, comics and writing led him to a BTEC Media course at West Notts College in Mansfield where he could finally get his hands on film making equipment.

    Following this he worked at the well renowned record store Selectadisc in Nottingham and relocated to various places around the city. During this time he continued to make a series of self funded short films.

    A screening of the comedy film “Swingers” inspired Luther to raise his film making game and attempt an ambitious feature length drama entitled “Gettin’ Some.” After failing to secure any arts funding for the project, the film once again became a self funded affair and came together with the generosity of the cast and crew involved who gave their time for nothing.

    However, the lengthy shooting schedule of the film (almost two years, including reshooting 20 minutes of a “v1” of the film) took its toll. As funds, cast and crew all dried up, Luther moved away from Nottingham to Brighton, with a view of one day completing the film when finances allowed it.

    During this period Luther continued to write and collaborated with his close friend and cameraman Mark Walker, who was then studying at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield.

    Eventually money came in to begin the editing and post production of “Gettin’ Some” which took many years, especially when sound designers and graders were recruited for the film.

    While waiting on their contributions, Luther finally returned to directing after a 5 year break with “The Crunch”, a striking noir comic book influenced psychological drama about two computer programmers working late at night. “Stranded”, a melancholic drama shot on Newhaven Beach and the South Downs, followed and is currently being submitted to festivals worldwide. “Creak”, the first in a series of “disposable horror shorts” was well received by the horror community in 2012.

    Now residing in Sompting, West Sussex, 2013 promises to be a busy year for Luther with several short films planned including a further two horror shorts, the completion of the ambitious fantasy thriller “Goodnight, Halloween” and plans for another feature film, this time a horror film, which will hopefully be at the funding stage.

    But before that finally comes the release of “Gettin’ Some” – recut down to a lean 60 minute running time, this labour of love was released on Monday the 4th of March and will at last close a chapter on Luther’s life which began over 14 years ago.

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