I Recommend


“Django Unchained”

“Les Miserables”

“Life of Pi”



“The Cabin in the Woods”

This slick, smart horror flick puts an exciting new spin on a time-honored format: the same promiscuous kids-in-peril/serial killer story that’s been popular since the 1970s. It’s a furiously funny, gleefully gory horror movie primer, with an ingenious twist.


Replete with references to classic horror movies, this delightfully spooky animated tale about a young inventor who brings his pet dog back to life represents a welcome return to director Tim Burton’s roots.

“The Hunger Games”

Fans of Suzanne Collins’s science fiction series will enjoy this action-packed, swiftly paced thriller, which captures both the brutality and the emotional rawness of the book. Jennifer Lawrence is good as a tough teen forced to compete in a government-sanctioned gladiatorial contest.


A hitman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) comes face to face with his future self (Bruce Willis) in this twisty action thriller from the director of “Brick” and “The Brothers Bloom.” This might be the best time travel movie since “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

“The Raid: Redemption”

A rookie cop (Iwo Uwais) and his fellow SWAT team members must fend off the city’s most despicable criminals in this exciting action thriller. Call is Indonesia’s answer to “Die Hard.”

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