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Oct 10

Tune in tonight for TV drama

Stephen Amell stars as the title crimefighter in "Arrow," premiering tonight on The CW. .

“Arrow,” “Nashville” are among new dramas premiering tonight This is a big week for televised drama. Tonight, television viewers can choose from a comic-book drama (“Arrow”), a predictable procedural about hunky firefighters (“Chicago Fire”) and a bold, ambitious soap set in the world of country music (“Nashville”). Tomorrow, it’s the premiere of “Beauty and the …

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Sep 25

Comedy, drama, supernatural scares: Fall TV has it all

Fall television season heats up with “Ben and Kate,” “The Mindy Project” If Sunday’s Emmy Awards proved anything, it’s that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences favors the familiar. Aside from a few fresh offerings, including “Homeland” and “Louie,” the list of winners was replete with past winners, such as “The Amazing Race” and …

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Aug 16

Cambria woman is ready to “Wipeout” tonight

Cambria resident Debbie Markham returns to ABC's "Wipeout" tonight. Photo by David Middlecamp, courtesy of The Tribune.

Debbie Markham returns to ABC’s obstacle course to take another shot at the title Two years after she won $50,000 on ABC’s popular obstacle-course competition “Wipeout,” Central Coast native Debbie Markham hopes to slip, slide and stumble toward victory once more. Markham, a professional photographer who has competed in more than 50 triathlons, taped her …

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