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Sep 25

Comedy, drama, supernatural scares: Fall TV has it all

Fall television season heats up with “Ben and Kate,” “The Mindy Project” If Sunday’s Emmy Awards proved anything, it’s that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences favors the familiar. Aside from a few fresh offerings, including “Homeland” and “Louie,” the list of winners was replete with past winners, such as “The Amazing Race” and …

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Sep 17

TV networks try to recapture the magic of hit shows

Fall season preview continues with “The Mob Doctor,” “Revolution” Fall television is far from a sure thing. Some shows fail. Some grow stale. And others succeed beyond the showrunners’ wildest expectations. This week, the networks try to recapture the magic of two of the 21st century’s most successful series, the misanthropic medical drama “House” and …

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Jul 03

Funny, foul-mouthed “Ted” is not your average bear

Raunchy comedy "Ted" focuses on the friendship between a toy bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and his human buddy (Mark Wahlberg).

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane makes his feature-length debut with “Ted” Just like its cuddly title character, Seth Macfarlane’s “Ted” is crude, rude and surprisingly entertaining. There’s an endless stream of R-rated gags, tasteless jokes and off-color humor, spiced up with a few violent scuffles and the occasional non-sequitur. In fact, the movie feels a …

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