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Nov 14

Bond is back — and better than ever — in "Skyfall"

British secret agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) returns to his roots in "Skyfall."

Everyone’s favorite spy, Agent 007, returns in a thrilling new adventure After half a century on the silver screen, James Bond still has a few surprises up his immaculately tailored sleeves. The British secret agent is back — and, some might argue, better than ever — in “Skyfall,” a smart, sexy thriller that pays tribute …

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Nov 12

The Best of Bond, from "Goldfinger" to "Casino Royale"

Daniel Craig made his debut as British secret agent James Bond in 2006's "Casino Royale."

With “Skyfall” out in theaters, it’s time to rank our top 10 Bond films Here’s a quick pop quiz. 1. What does British secret agent James Bond drink? 2. What weapon does he prefer? 3. What is his favorite form of transportation? If you answered the above questions correctly (the answers are at the bottom …

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Jan 31

The man behind James Bond’s sexy theme song

John Barry, who died Sunday, composed music for a dozen James Bond movies As far as movie music goes, few songs are as instantly recognizable as the  “James Bond Theme.” With its blaring horns, persistent percussion and surf rock-style guitar, the spy franchise’s familiar theme song has all the sleek arrogance of a British secret …

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Nov 20

Is Bond getting boring?

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in "Quatum of Solace"

To quote another 2008 blockbuster, “Why so serious, ‘Quantum of Solace?’” Compared to 2006′s “Casino Royale,“ “Quantum of Solace” simply doesn’t stack up. “Casino,” which established Daniel Craig as the cool, brutal Bond of a new generation, blended gritty realism and gnarly violence with flashes of fun and adventure. It had a smart, stunning heroine …

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