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Aug 16

Russell Brand says humor is a survival instinct

Russell Brand will perform in San Luis Obispo as part of his Messiah Complex World Tour.

Editor’s note: As my loyal readers may have noticed, it’s been several months since I last posted on “She Likes to Watch.” The reasons for my lengthy absence include an increased work load, furlough and vacation time, and some technical difficulties that have since been resolved. However, I hope to begin posting again on a …

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Sep 11

“Annie Hall” kicks off classic screening series

Woody Allen’s classic romantic comedy screens tonight in San Luis Obispo Before “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Say Anything,” before “Pretty Woman” and “When Harry Met Sally,” there was “Annie Hall.” Woody Allen’s classic romantic comedy centers around the relationship between standup comedian Alvy Singer (Allen), whose numerous neurosis can be traced to his bizarre childhood …

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Aug 24

Local crowd goes crazy for Jeff Bridges

Oscar winner Jeff Bridges channels “The Big Lebowski” at SLO Brew show The Dude does indeed abide. At a sold-out show Thursday night at SLO Brewing Co., Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges appeared every inch of the character he plays in “The Big Lebowski”: likable, laidback and friendly to a fault. Bridges and his band, …

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Jan 10

Mel Brooks blazes a new trail with “Blazing Saddles”

A black sheriff (Cleavon Little) runs into trouble in the Wild West in "Blazing Saddles."

Mel Brooks offends — and enlightens — in “Blazing Saddles” Mel Brooks, the delightfully crass filmmaker behind “The Producers,” “Spaceballs” and “Young Frankenstein,” has never worried about being politically correct. Unlike other movie mavens, who tiptoe around sensitive topics and prefer philosophizing to fart jokes, Mel loves to celebrate the outrageous and the obscene. Yes, …

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Jun 07

Henry Rollins in the house

Henry Rollins, photo by Maura Lanahan

The punk icon discusses politics, proctologists at San Luis Obispo stop Henry Rollins — actor, author, activist — rolled into San Luis Obispo on Sunday for an evening of sincere musings and entertaining tirades. Rollins, the former lead singer of seminal punk band Black Flag, held forth for nearly three hours on topics as varied …

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