Apr 13

Surf movie "Blue Green" headed for Shell Beach next week

bluegreen.jpgIf you know absolutely nothing about a surf movie, sometimes the best gauge may be who’s actually in the surf movie.

By that standard, it looks like “Blue Green” should be a pretty good flick. The movie, which is being toured along the West Coast as a Surfrider benefit, screens next Monday at La Perla Del Mar (205 Windward Ave.) in Shell Beach.

The premise of the movie is a bit vague: It explores our connections to the ocean. But it tackles that concept from many angles — scienfitic, religious, philosophical and evolutionary. (See the trailer here.)

But back to the people in the flick. Basically, if Robert August is in it, odds are it’s pretty good. He’s a pretty articulate guy, plus he always chips in some great longboard footage. And, let’s not forget, he was the guy from “Endless Summer.”

Free surfer Keith Malloy is probably better known for shortboard skills, but I’ve read he has a pretty nice longboard scene in this one. Also included are Layne Beachley, perhaps the most dominant female surfer out there, the surfing rabbi, Nachum Shifren, and surfline.com founder Sean Collins.blue-green-movie.jpg

The movie is narrated by Robert “Wingnut” Weaver.

Much of the footage was shot in Maine, where film maker Ben Keller hails. His last film, “Ishmael,” focused on surfing in New England.

La Perla Del Mar, by the way, is a neat little chapel that was bound for demolition when Shelley Malcolm and her husband saved it. Since then it has hosted weddings, arts events and movies. Lately, it has become a nice little venue for surf movies, having screened films like “One Winter Story,” and “Of Wind and Waves” in the past.

Tickets for “Blue Green” will be $8. The movie starts at 7:30 Monday, the 20th.

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