May 21

The shark that bit Bethany Hamilton

shark.jpgBy now, even people in landlocked states know the amazing story of Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost an arm to a shark a few years ago.  But ABC News just posted a really interested story with some great quotes from Hamilton, 19.

If you don’t know the story, first of all — get out from under that rock. But just to recap: Hamilton, then 13, was a very promising surfer who was surfing with a friend and her friend’s father on Halloween day in 2003. While lying on her board, a tiger shark came up and grabbed her left arm.

“I was laying on my board sideways. And then…the shark came up and grabbed a hold of my arm,” she told “20/20.” “And then, I was holding onto my board, with my thumb, because I probably didn’t want to get pulled under. It was like pulling me back and forth, not like pulling me underwater. Just like, you know how you eat a piece of steak?… It was kind of like that. And then it let go. And then went under. Then I looked down at the water, and it was like really red, from all the blood in the water.”

Though she nearly bled to death, she survived. But her left arm was gone.hamilton.jpg

Soon after the attack, a local fisherman caught a 13-foot tiger shark not far from where Hamilton was attacked. The fisherman, Ralph Young, said the shark’s jaws matched the imprint made on Hamilton’s board.

Since two arms are considered crucial for paddling and pushing yourself up on a board, it seemed clear that Hamilton’s surfing days were over. Not only did she return to the water, but she became one of the top female surfers. And she surfs big waves, as you can see in this slide show.

Her story was made into a documentary, “Heart of a Soul Surfer” in 2007. And Hamilton wrote a book, also titled “Soul Surfer.”hamilton-board.jpg

The story posted on the ABC site doesn’t reveal a lot of new info, but it’s a good read. I found out about it through the Surf News Twitter, which is a pretty good source for finding interesting surf articles.

NOTE: We’ve had a lot of readers come to this post since it was written, and hundreds have written comments. But Bethany Hamilton does not maintain this blog.

Photos: Noah Hamilton

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    1. Bastiaan Bogers

      Nobody understands you if you type like that.

      1. nothing

        i agree with you Bastiaan Bogers

    2. Samantha

      Yeah, what the heck are you saying???

      1. Annisem

        My sentiments exactly! What are you saying??? Maybe they’re from another country. Not one single thing makes sense!

  2. coolies

    this is an enormous shark

    1. kelsey mumau

      hey bethany feel so bad for you

  3. coolies

    this is an enormous shark doodles

  4. Alana

    Bethany you are the most amazing person I have ever heard of and because of you I started to suf again after losing my foot to a oceanic white tip shark and i love you!

    With God all things are possible
    Love Alana

    1. Alana

      Hello, My Name Is Alana Too But Wats Ur Last Name



    3. Christal

      um what are shark attacks like i am actualy an inter state person i dont live near any oceans i have always wanted to know what it is like after all i am very interested about it

  5. Iaven

    You are Amising surfer for one arm I love you

  6. blair

    I LOVE THIS STORY IT IS AMAZING AND SUCH A GREAT INFLUENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hannah

    your the best surfer ever we all love you bethany

  8. kyleigh

    bethany you are the best and we all love you and your the best surfer and you are so pretty love kyleigh

    1. dalton

      i love to watch bethany hamiton surfer we all love you

  9. brody

    you are the best surfer we all love you bethany hamiton

  10. allison white

    hi Betheney how are you

  11. hannah macdowell

    im so shocked at what happened and im so so sorry. You were so brave Bethany im so proud of you. I’ve seen the movie and read the book. You seem like your an amazing person i would love to meet you. I have never been surfing before but i really want to but im sort of afraid but it seems really fun. I might try it the next time i go to the beach.I ws so sad when i saw the part of the movie when the shark bit you i actually started crying. You have lots of fans and i hope it stays like that.
    From: Hannah MacDowell
    P.S your so amazing!!!

  12. nathan cole

    This is Nathan Cole from Houston,Tx. I am 28 years old and I have seen the move alot. God has a path for you. Your on it. I know at times you can feel your arm. I lost my mom when I was 8 years old. I work at the Houston farm and ranch club in Houston,tx. It would be nice if I could shake the girl that has been to hell and back.

    If its ok I would like to meet you and your family. God bless you stay stong….

  13. mollie

    Wow! Bethany is the bravest girl in the world and she’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mollie Bevins

  14. Harlee Burbank Snyder

    Hey Bethany your an awesome surfer

  15. Javilel

    Bethany you are the best surfer in the word!!! You are my favorite LOVE U!!! <3

  16. ashley piza

    bethany you are a strong brave woman i ever known. And the one of the best surfers ever . that shark attack should have never happened to you u didnt diserve. I LOVE YOU

    1. secret and personal

      Ashley you are a wonderful person saying that but the shark attack should have happened to her because it was gods path for her.She followed it and did not give up.Just remember try to look at things from a good perspective because god has a plan for you and when you find it follow it.

  17. layla seltz

    Dear bethany you are one of the bravest girl tht people can ever count on i feel so sorry of what happened to you with that tiger shark that should of never happened to you i just want to say i am so sorry of what happened if you have a chance you can call me and tell me the story im very sorry bethany here is my number (760-619-8565)


    1. betheny hamilton

      hi this is betheny hamilton oh i didnt now there was hand sanitizer oh i would like some hand sanitizer

      1. betheny hamilton

        sup betheny

      2. shayla

        what are u talking about?ur sooooo not bethany hamilton and she’s not in need of hand sanitizer! thats like plagerizim of people!
        ‘pls comment if u agree
        luv u bethany!

  18. Michael

    Bethany Hamilton you have an incredible comeback over the past years hope you have an nice career as an pro surfer hope you do really good as an surfer

    Michael Silvas.

  19. alexis


  20. Holley Moore

    I just got done watching the movie Soul Surfer and all of a sudden started searching for details on the attack. As soon as the page popped up I saw the shark. In the movie it looked like a great white instead of a tiger, but oh well….. Anyways it’s amazing how this girl comes back from that tragedy. It just shows that if you are really determined and love something you will never give up on it and will work at it to get better. I might not be into surfing, but something at is a really large part of my life is horses. I know it’s a pretty common thing to have but these animals are really special and until you find your gift that everybody is blessed with just thank him for everything you have…

  21. jamirahlocklear

    i’m so sorry about brittany

    1. kelly

      don’t be too sad about bethany she’s happy! but it is a bit sad. don’t worry though – a lot of people feel the same way

  22. sam

    dear bethany i know what it feels lime to get up in the moring and u look to yuor self and u feel diffrent but it dosent matter god choshed our life and your lucky because i love to draw but a shark took off my right are so i quit and now i wanna learn how to surf if u get this message please say something back i whanted to know if u can teach me to surf my name is sam and im 13 years old and your my hero

  23. leah

    Bethany Hamilton encouraged me to start surfing so now i surf everyday

  24. katie

    i love you so much Bethany you made my life complet and my mom thinks i’m a mermaid to!

  25. lucy

    i am soooooooooooo sad you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo brave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. rebekah hartman

    you are a brave girl i could never pull off what you did

  27. Jazlyn

    Dear Bethany,
    I am like one of your biggest fan I have done so much research on you just please reply

    Jazlyn Williams

  28. Ashlyn Ringgold

    Bethany your so brave you keep on beliving in yourself in the Movie Your story was amazing it made me cry Just Keep ON TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Michaela

    I’m micheala I think u are awesome

  30. jadie

    Hay Bethany we are soooooo sorry for what happend to you . You are an amazing surfer I LOVE


  31. Gina

    My name is Gina.I have seen your movie and your amazing. I know it was just an actress, but the big waves that were surfed in the movie, you were surfing them…and it was incredible. I love you and now I really want to try surfing. Your really brave and I am 12 years old so thats like that happening to me in a year. That would be scary but you didn’t even scream and truthfully your the most amazing person I think I have ever heard of. You lost 60 percent of your blood and you lived. That’s amazing. Your amazing. I love you. Just know in your heart that god has a plan for you and your on it and that something great has come out of the attack. Your so amazing and you never deserved this. I hope to meet you someday and to hear all about it. You have really inspired me and your story is just incredible. I really want to me you and I really love you. Your, once again, AMAZING. Love, Gina

    P.s. I can’t give out any personal information but if you are going to be coming down to washington to speak or something then I will be there. Its also amazing how you gave away three of your boards. That was very generous and those 3 little girls probably are thinking of you every day. Love you. YOUR AN AMAZING MIRACLE.

  32. Amber

    It is so big.how come? I thought it was not that big

  33. Amber

    It is so huge.how come ? I thought it was not that big

  34. amber

    the shark should not have died its a shark they have more sensory nerves in their teeth then we have in our fingers they bite and release to see what something is not to attack i pity the shark more than the human

  35. Megan

    So sorry about your accident, you are so strong and are a great influence to many. this teaches us to not give up.

  36. Shayna

    Bethany u r the most amazing person that was a huge shark that bite ur arm off and after falling off my motor bike because of u i riding again


    1. Shayna

      Hey Bethany iv seen ur movie and i know that it was a actross and that u were acreddible i love u u r a miricale

      =0 shayna

  37. bgfvdcsgcn

    That shark is enormous. Did her actual arm ever get found?

  38. jordan

    dear bethany you have inspired me into liveing my dream surfing i have tried once stooed up for 10 seconds i have allways wished to meet you and learn how to surf with you i am christan and go to church i look forward to meeting you i am 10 years old and live in temecula california in iron cr i want to meet you so bad because im going through a hard time my best friend aundra has cancer and a tumer in her right lung the doctor has to give her sergari and going to have to break one of her ribs my number is 951 331 6088 and my moms number is 760 317 8630please if you cant make it hear please call my mom or me that will make me so happy god bless and get well i wish if i could go back to that day of the shark i would want to get bit so you wouldnt feel left out and you probeblydont and if you do call i want to talk to allana to please call
    remember my numer is 951 331 6088 and my moms is 760317 8630

    love jordan doiron love you so much and r praying for you and allana xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo love jordan

  39. Jj

    U are so brave I’ve want to surf just like u

  40. Alana

    Hi Bethany I Surfed Too But I Dont Really Anymore Anyways I Love You Ur Strong And Faithful And Ur A True Soul Surfer

  41. Daizah Graham

    Hi Bethany I Am Very Sorry For What Happend After I watched The Movie For The First Time Ever I Relized That ,,
    Anyone Can Do Anything If They Put There Heart To It,,
    Of Course, I’ve Never Been Surfing But I Would Love To,But I Live In A Small Town Called Anderson, But As Soon As I Get Older Im Going To Make A Trip To See You,Because You Are A True Soul Surfer An I Would Really Like To Meat A true Soul Surfer..
    So,,I Hope You An Your Family Are Doing Good An I Wish The Best For You An Your Family,
    You Have Heart ,, So Keep Using It An Keep Doing What You Love!

    You Are A Strong Independent Woman,, An I Respect That!
    Congrad’s To You For Pushing Your Self To Do What You Love……

    Love Daisy-
    P.S. I Wish I Would Have New About This Befor All This Time Has Passed,,

  42. Marie


  43. Marie

    I LOVE U BETHANY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!^.^

  44. destiny

    Dear Bethany Hamilton,
    You inspired me that I can do anything if I try. I live in Florida. We have a beach in St. Petersburg. It will be a lot to ask, but I was wondering if you could come to Florida? At our beach, there are waves, but they are not very big….you might just need a boogie board. If you can come let me know so I can meet you there. There will be a snack cart and places to park and the ocean is big. I’ll see you there!!!!!:)
    Yours truly,
    P.S. Bring your family and friends (including Alana)

  45. Mackenzie

    Dear Bethany,
    I’m a 12 year old girl and when I first heard your story I didn’t know what to think but know I do. I released I should appreciate having things. I an astounded that u wear able to do wht u did!!! You are my one and only role model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. jamie


  47. rebecca

    hi am Rebecca and i am 8 years old i watch your movie so many times i love your movie i hope you get better. and i am so afraid to go surfing because of sharks you are a brave girl and surfer i love you!! love Rebecca p.s. you are a good surfer and i wish i can too..

  48. Torie

    Dear Bethany
    I have a cousin named Bethany.U are really brave u now cause I am had never had a shark attack in my live.I’m wanting to surf so wheres the best place to surf at?

    P.S.I like u as a friend so will u be my friend.I’m sorry about what happen and can u ask if Alana will be my friend,too?

  49. Mikayla ramirez

    Dear, beatheny you are the best surfer ever I can’t believe that you can surf with one arm you have the best talent at surfing that tiger shark must have scared you once it bit you I am just so happy that you can still surf Love ,mikayla ramirez

  50. Sam

    This is amazing, i watched half of the film two days ago and it was amazing. ever since ive looked up bethany and just its been amazing, she has been through so much and i have so much respect for that, im glad she is going well in the proffesional surfing world, you amaze me <3

  51. Lila

    Hi Bethany , I read ur book and I really read it 3 times it’s really good. I watche the movie and crude through the whole thing . After reading about u I want to go surfing.:)

    1. Tessa

      same here but i read the book like thousands of times

      1. Ricki

        Yeah the book is soooo awesome! Bethany u rock!

  52. Mark

    I didn’t know who you were until I saw the movie, after it, I actually google you.

    Don’t ever lose hope, you are a inspiration to others and you have touched many hearts in your life, those close to you and even to those you may not know who were inspired by your story.

    God bless….

    P.S, I think your cute ;)

  53. Jo-Anne

    Hi Bethany

    I remember seeing this on the news in northern Ireland. I have just watched your movie and I think you are one of the most amazing people ever a true inspiration. You are simply the best.
    Much love and god bless.

  54. Sophie stephen

    Hi Bethany

    My name is Sophie I am a really big fun of Soul Surfer you are really great and really brave

    I watch Soul Surfer yesterday two times after each other and I watch it again today :)

  55. laura

    bethani i live in colombia i am your fan


  56. Charlotte

    wow ,i am so touched by this story, i have watched the movie “soul surfer” and you truly are an inspiration.Everyone has to agree that you are a truly remarkable inspiration, incredible isn’t the word i’m looking for ,no you are more than incredible,being attacked like that but still following your dreams of becoming a professional surfer.When i say everyone has to agree ,i mean,even the director of the movie must have been so touched . You hear a lot about people being attacked by sharks but no damage is done,well for you i can only imagine it turned your world upside down ,not being able to even do your hair or do simple things in life which isn’t so simple for you . I hope you live a life full of happiness.Keep going for your dreams.Never give up on life just keep thinking to yourself that having something bad happen to you made you a stronger surfer(you may have been a good surfer before but now you are a truly remarkable surfer). Whether the movie is all true,when you(character) said that no one will like you or boys won’t like you. If boys don’t like you ,they haven’t got to know you properly,i bet there is a guy out there who has seen blogs/movies/interviews about you and thought to himself that is the girl of my dreams, when you are that courageous after something so terrible happens ,everyone loves you for being who you are and what you are. You are Bethany Hamilton and You are a Truly Remarkable surfer. Who will find the guy of her dreams even after something so terrible has happened to you.

  57. destinee

    that is so sad that she lost her arm to a tiger shark in 2003.

  58. jess

    heyyy soul surfer is a sad movie feel sorry fore u xxxxxxxx I would never go back to the water if that happend to me ………..

  59. McKenzie

    Hi Bethany, I’m 12 and after hearing your story I got back in the water from a bull shark attack and he bit into my rib. I love you Bethany! You’re awesome!!!!

    1. Kainoa

      God bless you

  60. Grace

    He Bethany, I can’t believe your history :( you are so amazing and the best person on the world!!!!! You can anything, we love u so much….

  61. Kainoa

    High Bethany my name is Kai I am 11 years old I never been surfing but I bet it’s cool rock on .anyways what you did was asomwe god bless you

  62. mary

    bethany i love you so much ill leave you my email when i get one I’m 9

  63. mary

    you are awesome i love you so much i am going to email you everyday if you want me OMG I’m talking to bethany hamilton but i don’t have a email but when i get one i will post it on here please please email me i love you so much in fact i want to be a pro surfer because of you do you know someone i can talk to I’m probably bothering you so bye (am i bothering you i hope not that would be mean) well bye!

    1. Shelby

      bethany is grate and amazing

  64. Tessa

    Bethany Hamilton is the one who helped me become a more stronger christian after reading her book “devotions for the soul surfer”. Thank you so much Bethany!!!! I LOVE YOU HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Shelby

    bethany you are so amazing i have whached the movie soul surfer like 100 times thats how amazing you are to me

  66. Sonia

    Dear Bethany, Some years ago I read the story of your shark attack but today for the first time I saw the movie about what happened to you and what it did to your life. The movie made it so real and scary. You are such a courageous person, an example to everyone in this world. What you achieved is amazing.

  67. Mariposa

    Bethany the first time me and my mom watched your movie we cried. You are so amazing!

  68. lauren

    u inspired me and touched my heart u r the reason that i can stand up 4 myself

  69. mario

    I’m from Italy I heard of your story cause Gigi (my best friend) lives in california and loves surfing he told me about you cause he loves you and now me too

    i’m vegetarian <3

  70. jacinth

    thanks beth im all the way from swaziland and i want to say u have inspired me to never give up and trust the LORD thanks beth

  71. Ashley Gibbs

    Beathany i am a huge fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am10 and i live in illinois. I realy want to learn to surf but i live in illnois.i realy want to meet you.

  72. annalisa

    ciao Beathany ,ti conosco solo tramite il films che ho visto su sky ,complimenti per tutto quello che sei riuscita a fare ……tantissimi auguri per il tuo futuro………..con affetto Annalisa.

  73. carmen

    ti voglio beneneeee

  74. Ashley

    hi bethany

    i have watched your movie 75 times you are awsome


    1. Claire

      me too! i got the movie for Christmas!

  75. Brigitte

    Hi bethany my name is brigitte and I am 13 years old, I was shocked to hear what happened to you and amazed strong and positive you were and its so cool how u got up on you’re board again and never gave up I wish that I was brave like you! You have inspired me and my family to be strong for thing be don’t know will happen. We love you and hope that I will become like person like you…wish you all the best I I wsh that we can meet you which might not happen. Lots of love: brigitte :)

  76. hannah

    you r such a brave girl i saw the movie and read the book i have a friend named billy who got in a major car accident in 2007 he lost his memery from a head injury!

  77. Daniel Holiday

    God bless you for sharing God’s love, and showing how God can turn bad things into good for those he loves!

    From Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

  78. Mary

    Hey Bethany ! Your story is truly inspiring, in english class we have to write a persuasive essay on someone who I admire the most and I chose you!

  79. veronica

    hi bethany i love you so much . but i never met you before. but i want to.i live in iowa and im ten . but when i am older i want to go to Hawaii and met you someday. i love your move so much my sister doesn’t like the part when it shows the shark. other than that she likes it. and when im older i want to surf i always wanted to. and i want to get your book. and i want to get the soul sufer bible. with all my love veronica.

  80. kelsey mumau

    hey my name is kelsey mumau bethany i feeling so bad for you if i didnt not have a arm would being different i would get bad my sister was in car accident lost her lictent for a mouth

  81. kelsey mumau

    hey bethany i feeling so about for you thinking of how you are doing how is your arm doing because i would not no what to doing if that happen to me

  82. Taylor A

    You rock bethany

  83. bethany valdez

    my name is bethany!!!!!
    hi beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. bethany valdez

    my name is bethany to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Jeff

    Bethany I have watched Soul Surfer so many time and will continue to watch it every chance I get. You have such a touching story that happened in your life and came through it a better person, and who knows maybe a better surfer as well. When they talk about in the movie how you lost 60% of your blood it was amazing you made it through. I had an accident a few years ago although not nearly severe as yours, I completely shattered my right leg it broke in six places. I went through three surgeries and during the third surgery I had some very severe complications and lost almost 80% of the blood in my body, they ended up putting 2 steel plates and 23 screws in my leg, but getting back to the blood loss and surviving tells me the same as you God was not finished with me here as he was not with you. God Bless you and your amazing story, keep going and winning in surfing you have already won in Life by Gods Grace. Thank you for telling us all your story in Soul Surfer it is truly on of the most amazing stories to watch.

    God has Blessed you

  86. samantha

    Hi Bethany! I’m a big fan. You are so brave and inspiring. Your my hero! Do you ever wish that things would be better if this just never happened?

    Best Friend

  87. charly

    poor shark…

  88. kaya

    bethany hamilton you are so brave and so inspiring i hope that i get a beautiful smile like that when i grow up

  89. Katy Cannistraro

    Dear Bethany ,

    You are the most amazing girl,but its not just because you got bitten by a shark and survived, its because you got back on your board and i would have been to scared but you weren’t . I’ve realized that even though the attack was only three seconds to you it must have felt like 3 hours. The questions i have are were you scared,what where you thinking when you where going through the shark attack, if you could wish one thing what would it be and what do you say to you’re fans? Ive seen the movie and with the support that you’re family,friends and fans gave you,you must’ve felt like you had two arms again.

    My class read a little biography about you for a project and we all fell in love with you so if you write back i think my class would love to hear it!
    please write back, Katy

  90. Faith

    My 6 year old grand daughter has watched your movie twice now and is glad you survived. She thinks she would like to surf…but we live in Iowa!!!

  91. Katie Anne Norine Wiest

    Dear Bethany Hamilton,
    I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are the best person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially God! I love that you have so much faith in God! I watched your movie a couple of times,and I am reading your book.I wrote you a letter and I have a picture I want to send to you to autograph.You are so pretty,and fit I love you so much!!!!One morning I was reading your book and I read from page 11 to page 103!It is the best book I’ve ever read!I am 9 and a half and I have a binder and I printed out pictures of you!I totally want to meet you Bethany Hamilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish I could surf like you can.But I feel a little scared about it.I live in Glendale,CA and I go to San Clemente beach.I read in the book that you had a surfing competition there.The waves there are big but I bet the waves in Hawaii are much bigger!You are the best surfer in the world!!!!!You are the luckiest girl I know because you get to go surfing everyday!I want to try that coconut water that you like to drink.I want to listen to the music you like to listen to.I agree to you that you had to kill that shark because if it was in the ocean it could kill someone else who likes to surf or swim in the ocean.I wish I could live in Hawaii because it is so pretty and nice there.My cousin,Karina,was born there and my Uncle went to school.I love your house!I have seen pictures of it on the movie.I think sharks are amazing creatures!!!People who hate like you, they should be ashamed of themselves because you are the best person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We all LOVE YOU BETHANY HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  92. Harley J Hull

    some people know what you are going throgh but, if you keep trying you wil get better at anything you wonted to do when you get older.

  93. Emily

    Oh my god, Bethany, you are my hero I lost an arm to a box jelly fish, I also know how to surf. I looked up “Attacks from Box Jellyfish in Ocean” and I found you, and since then you have been such an inspiration to me and I love you!! I wish I could meet you in person, and someday I will go out to the lake again. Maybe even the ocean. it is getting hard to type and my arm is getting tired, so I just wanted to say that, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Petro

    Hi Bethany,

    I recently watched the movie and was such an inspiration, thinking what 1 person can do only out of will because I believe “Where there is a will, there is a way!”

    You are such an inspiration to the world and think you are AMAZING.
    We love you and God Bless!!!

    Greetings Petro (South Africa)

  95. ella

    Bethany is so brave she is so cool i watch soul surfer almost every day i am her biggest fan. i am using my moms email but i am an 8 and a half yeas old, Bethany Hamilton is so awesome.

    1. ella

      i want to surf sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly.Bethany your are the best.You are my
      biggest fan!i wish i lived in Hawaii really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad i watch your movie almost every day and i love your book.

  96. Ricki

    Bethany i cant belive that you survived that attack. My sister and I just watched the movie about what happened and… It was a very inspiring story. I know a friend who lost his arm because of a shark attack. He was the one who told me to buy the movie Soul surfer and when i saw the picture on the front… your story really touched my heart.

  97. Tayla

    dear betheny i think u amazing surfer i am from east london in south africa i also do surfing and i love it much as u do the waves are small here wish i could come and see u keeping on surfing never give up

    love ; tayla

  98. Tayla

    hi betheny i think u are a amazing i am from south africa i also surf the waves are very small here keep on surfing betheny

  99. Kiara

    I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you rock!you’r my favorite famous person ever!!!last year my mom got to see you!Exept for I had the most biggest Tanterum ever.my name is kiara or Kiki.i am 9 years old.i have your Picture on my bedroom wall.soory if you can’t read my spelling:)love you!

  100. Claire

    Hello Bethany I really think you are amazing! You are a beautiful young lady! Walk towards Christ!! :)

  101. Jordan

    I feel so bad for you it must be so hard to do thing I just want to let you know Im prayin for you everyday

  102. lowanda

    my daughter alana loves u she said she’ll surf because of u

  103. Kevin Maravilla

    Hi Bethany we are all proud and your words what u say is true and keep working hard we all believe in you

  104. orla

    dear bethany i watched your movie in turky with my friend i cryed even when i looked at the cover my brother went surfing with my cousins i watch your movie every day i think about you every day as well i wish i was like you
    your so pretty and i wish i looked like you you are the bravest prettiest soul surfer ever aand when it got to the part when you said you were going to keep surfing i knew that i will go surfing just like. my brother and cousins
    love your number 1 fan orla p.s my email is orlagul@hotmail.com please email me¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  105. marlene

    thanxs bethany i now how it feels my dog lost a foot and u really inspired me to wach wuthe does and just because u cant do the stuff u did before the same dosent make u differnt i love my dog and thanx for teaching me how it iz to feel without an arm enven if it wasnt me it was my dog and i now the pain she is going threw so thank you u so much i love you bethany
    stay strong cuze i belive in u

  106. bianca

    hi bethany.your my hero .i am 11.i came 4 th at nationals.my mums email;agnes@ifamily.co.za.I LOVE YOU BETHANY AND ALLANA

  107. Cindy

    i am not sure If mom Is going to let me read Soul Surfer.
    mom Isnot Interested In anything so i am going to BEG her EVERYDAY.
    i am letting ya noe If mom lets me get SOUL SURFER or not.
    i wonder how you stayed calm.
    IF i were you, i wouldhavepanickedandscreamedloudly.i am surprised and glad
    You survived the attack

  108. jenna wade

    I’ve never meet you but I wish I could but I have seen the movie and read the book.I wish I could see you!!!!!!!!!!!
    and you are an amazing person!!!!!!!!!! age.8.

  109. Ricki

    Bethany your story touched my heart.

  110. Nathalia Silveira

    Wow, your story is so amazing ..
    you are a true winner, very powerful!

  111. secret

    beathany you r the greatist you follow your heart and dreams !!! and just reamember God has a plan for you !!!!!!

    <3 love you

  112. secret

    beathany you are the bestkeep foolowing your hopes heart and dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just remember God has a plan for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 love you

  113. dylan long

    I am sorry that you got bit and glad you fell better

  114. jason elmore

    Hey i am so sorry this had to happen to you hope you are doing good.

  115. dylan long


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