Jun 11

The many faces of Hey Jude

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You can never get too much of the Beatles, right? I’ve been checking this Beatles site a lot lately, and the guy does a really good job posting cool factoids, clips, etc. The latest one I saw was the above “Hey Jude” rehearsal clip.

Of course, when you look up something on YouTube, it gives you all these related videos. So I had to check out this kid in diapers — who looks hardly old enough to talk — singing the entire “Hey Jude.” It was a viral video a while back, and you can see why.

Then there’s this video of Elvis performing “Hey Jude.” Elvis was insanely jealous of the Beatles, but he obviously had a respect for their music. (You can hear the Beatles talk about meeting Elvis here.)

If you need more “Hey Jude” stuff, check out Hugh Laurie, singing “Hey Jude” chipmunk style. Personally, I think he’s funnier on “House.”

I’ll spare you the actual Chipmunks version.

In the future, I’ll write about my favorite Beatles covers because there are so many good ones. But since we’re focused on “Hey Jude,” check out Wilson Pickett singing the song with the Bee Gees. I like Wilson Pickett and the Bee Gees, but I’m not sure this cover works. Pickett recorded a version with Duane Allman that’s much better. So good this guy decided to record it from his car stereo as he was driving, causing him to miss his exit.

Sinead O’Connor did a decent job, though it doesn’t really add anything. Even Pavarotti gets into “Hey Jude,”  with — ahem — a little help from his friends. Oddly enough, you don’t actually hear Pavarotti singing it.

Must have been out of his range.

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