Jan 12

Local Surfer Nominated for Big Ride

CurazaCurious to see if the swell has arrived early, I checked out the waves at Shell Beach over lunch. It wasn’t too big — sets were maybe a couple of feet overhead – but you could tell it’s ramping up.

The forecast for tomorrow calls for HUGE waves. Both local weather guy John Lindsey and WetSand say swells could be in the 25-foot and up range. However, it’s also supposed to be stormy so that could spoil the show.

Guys were out tow surfing the North Coast this past weekend, though. So far it’s been a pretty active winter for local big wave guys. One legendary big wave guy, Van Curaza (pictured above), has even been noinated for one of Billabong’s annual big wave awards.

Mike Jones, a photographer who owns Azhiaziam surf shop, caught this Curaza ride on film last month.  Now that ride is one of the contestants in Billabong’s Monster Tube category.  Billabong offers $5,000 for the year’s best big tube ride, but this is a pretty competetive category. Just check out this cartoonish monster by SoCal’s Greg Long.

We’ll see how the weather goes. But my gues is that there will be a lot of wave gawkers at Morro Rock tomorrow morning.*


* Myself included


San Luis Obispo Tribune photo: Joe Johnston

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