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Ryan Adams: Not a Bryan Adams Fan?

I know, I know — when was the last time anyone blogged about Bryan Adams two days in a row? But a comment from Man from Moqui on yesterday’s blog entry compelled me to look further into his Ryan-Bryan Adams tale.

Having read a lot about urban legends, it sounded fishy to me.

But here’s a little news item from the AP, which confirms it:

Just learn the song

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is not amused by the similarity of
his name to rocker
Bryan Adams’. At a Ryan Adams concert Tuesday at
Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, someone in the audience yelled out a
request for
Summer of ’69, a Bryan Adams hit. Ryan Adams reacted
with a stream of expletives and ordered the house lights turned on.
The alternative-country musician found the fan who made the joke
request, paid him $
30 cash as a refund for the show, ordered him to
leave and said he wouldn’t play another note until that happened.
Ryman general manager Pam Matthews stopped the fan on his way out,
“apologized profusely” and allowed him back into the concert. The
fan kept
Ryan Adams’ $30. Which should buy a couple of Bryan Adams

In another story, someone asked Bryan Adams what he thought about wisecrackers requesting Bryan Adams songs at Ryan Adams concerts.

“I feel sorry for him that he does (get those requests), but I guess if you call yourself Ryan Adams you’re going to get it.”

For the record, his actual name is David Ryan Adams.

Speaking of urban legends, there’s a slew of them that deal specifically with musicians, many of which you can find on this Snopes page.  I like the tale about how the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight” was supposedly about a drowned buddy (It was about divorce) and the one about John Denver having been a sniper in Vietnam — two legends I heard frequently when I was younger.

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