May 09

What to do with blurry surf photos

One of my coworkers recently accused me, more or less, of being a shill for the GoPro cameras.

He noted how I often point out that my surf photos were, in fact, taken by a GoPro camera. And then he noted that I often include a link to GoPro's site.

But, really, I protested, I usually include links on my posts. And if I happen to mention the GoPro when showing off GoPro shots, it's because I figure people would be interested to know how they were taken.

And, well — the GoPro camera is just cool. It's this tiny camera you can attach to your surf board to get amazing still photos and video.

Alas, things don't always go well. I did have to send one camera back after it just stopped working. And sometimes the lens gets fogged up. Or, as my most recent photos show, images can get blurry on a foggy day.

Actually, there's a setting for foggy days, but I still need to figure that out. In the meantime, I'll blame the camera.

The sad thing is I was in great position for some shots over the weekend — they just came out with a blurry face.

Sorry, Slim.

But I decided to make it look intentional by messing with the colors, sharpness and saturation. So now these photos, from Pismo Beach, look more like Impressionist paintings. So, you know, if Monet ever decided to delve into surf art . . .

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